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Boost Developer Productivity with Dependent Assemblies for Plug-ins

We are thrilled to announce that Dependent Assemblies for plug-ins is all set for preview. We need your feedback on this feature and you can start providing it today. This feature is designed to boost developer productivity by eliminating the overhead of using ILMerge to manually merge dependent assemblies. With dependent assemblies, rather than register an individual .NET assembly, you will upload a NuGet Package that contains your plug-in assembly AND any dependent assemblies. Unlike ILMerge, you can also include other file resources, such as JSON files containing localized strings.

The key highlights you will experience from this preview are:

  • Bring multiple dependent assemblies and resource files during registration process.
  • Package all assemblies into NuGet package and register through
    • Power Platform Tools for Visual Studio
    • PAC CLI and Plug-in Registration tool (PRT)
  • NuGet package stored on the file store during registration process post that plugin assembly and plugin type validations are run.
  • Assembly signing is not required for Assemblies bring from Plugin package.
  • Significant improvement on loading assembly time.
  • Uniqueness of package is identified by solution prefix_package name. This uniqueness is at org level.

Get Started Today!

For more in-depth look, you can learn more by reading our documentation: Dependent Assembly plug-ins (preview).

You can also watch our video to see the demo.

If you have questions or issues with this feature, you can contact technical support. If you have suggestions, please post them on the Power Apps Ideas site.