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Configure easy dependent drop downs in PowerApps

Dependent drop downs, also known as “cascading drop downs” is the scenario where making one selection on a drop down filters the options available for selection on a following drop down. This is a common scenario across business forms in order to optimize the form filling out experience for the user. For example, filtering cities that are associated with selected states. We heard from you that this was an important part of app building that should have an easy experience, especially for new users.

We’re pleased to introduce an easier way to create dependent drop downs through configuring from the Depends On menu. With the new experience, it guides your selection to create a Filter formula for the Items property of the child drop down. For those who prefer using expressions, you will be able to continue using expressions to accomplish this scenario.

Refer to this documentation for an in depth walk-through on creating dependent drop downs.


Known limitations

Currently, this configuration is only available on drop downs, combo boxes, and list box controls. In the future we plan to extend the same type of functionality to galleries.

The Depends On configuration currently does not support static data or collections. To configure with these sources, use the formula bar to edit the expression directly. Additionally, the filter formula generated filters based on one data value,  which is the majority of scenarios.

Your feedback is important to us on this new way of creating dependent drop downs. Let us know in the comments below or on the PowerApps Community Forum. If you start a post, please add a tag for “#DependentDropdowns.”