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New! “Friday Functions” series helps you to master formulas!

Have you been craving a better understanding of formulas and functions? Have you reached out to me for help on Twitter, and asked for tutorials too? Well, ask and you will receive! The new Friday Functions Video Series is for serious PowerAppers like myself that want to become ninjas at using functions and formulas!

This is a direct response to your demand. (Special thanks to community members Sue P. and Dave V. who suggested a video series!) I’ve seen how much you love learning new ways to do more in your apps. So, I know you’ll enjoy this new series on YouTube which started on November 17th. Since we’ll be off several Fridays during the holiday season, I pre-recorded and uploaded a batch of them to get you started! For instance, this Friday’s demo leverages the Left(), StartsWith(), ColorFade(), and Today() functions, and creates a dynamic left navigation for filtering a gallery. 


Maybe you are already an expert with functions and formulas? If so, let’s get you involved in this series too! Just tag your YouTube videos about formulas and functions with the hashtags #FridayFunctions and #PowerApps. Or perhaps you prefer to have functions and formulas pre-built for you? Don’t worry, the PowerApps team is working on lots of new surprises where you won’t need to be a master at functions or formulas. On the other hand, I would suggest that you check out the video series anyway. These are usually very short videos (<7 minutes), and I try to stuff in several general tips and tricks around many other PowerApps canvas feastures too! Plus, you’ll notice that some of these Friday Functions videos will be scheduled as 1-hour live webinars online! Those will usually go a bit deeper than the short videos I post on Friday afternoons. Bring your laptop, and your questions for us, and enjoy the deep dive webinars from the comfort of your own office space!

Moving forward, here is the Friday Functions playlist (check it often for new videos): click here

Note: Each YouTube description area has references pointing you back to our community articles for any function mentioned in the video. This will help you to learn more on your own, and to try new things as an app-maker as well. Feel free to subscribe, comment, and like videos, this way I will know what you appreciated there! 

If you have a function that you’d like me to cover, please post it in the comments below. I’m committing to a new video for each Friday of every month until spring (then it’s totally up to you if I continue the series)! We’re thrilled to be able to help you to use functions and formulas more efficiently! Thank you for your continued feedback and support, and as always,

Happy PowerApping!


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