Increased Alternate Key Limits

We are happy to announce that we are increasing the the number of Alternate keys that can be used in a table in Dataverse.  (Alternate keys were previously known as Entity keys.)
All tables use the Primary Name as a lookup to locate records, this is a string value. Alternate keys let a user specify additional columns that can also be used to retrieve records. This is useful if you need to look up records based on something other than a string (for example an Order ID number, or a Case ID). Alternate keys also enforce record uniqueness on the column(s) that are part of the key.
Prior to this change, each table was limited to 5 Alternate keys. We have heard requests to increase this limit to help address more complicated scenarios. The new limit is now 10 Alternate keys per table. This change is immediately available for all online Dataverse organizations.
No user actions are required to use this new feature.
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