Introducing new ways of creating tables

We are excited to share with you the updated tables page experience, which is now generally available for all makers. With the new tables page experience, you will be able to create tables with the versatile options we recently introduced to the new home page, including conversation-based table creation and one-click table upload from your Excel file, both powered by Copilot.

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Create with the option that best suits your need

The updated tables page experience provides a variety of options for you to get started with creating your table. You can select one of the options as main tiles on the tables page, which will then load the corresponding create table experience for you to proceed with table creation.

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You can now create new tables through conversation or Excel file upload. By selecting Describe the new table, you will be able to create new tables prepopulated with sample data through generative AI conversation powered by Copilot. On the other hand, selecting Upload an Excel file will allow you to create new table from your uploaded Excel data in just a couple of clicks. You can also Start with a blank table or Create a virtual table by selecting the tiles respectively. Note that Copilot capabilities are currently only available in U.S. region but coming soon to more regions.

If you are an advanced maker and would like to have more control over your table metadata by configuring the advanced table properties, select Set advanced properties, which will then open the create table panel for you.

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