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July Power Apps Community Call: Demo Extravaganza Finalists!

The community has spoken, and the top 5 Top Entries have been chosen!  The July 15th Power Apps community call is your chance to see these Power Apps artisans show off their creations and discuss how they built these amazing samples!

When: July 15th, 2020 8:00am PST

Where: https://aka.ms/powerappscall-join

(No Specific Order)

About Michelle Wong


Michelle is a Microsoft 365 Consultant that has adopted and embraced the Power Platform. Michelle indicated one her features of the Power Platform is gives her great integrations opportunities and possibilities between Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. This made even better as this integration is not only within Microsoft 365 anymore! The last two years she has focused on Power Automate and Power Apps and likes to explore different solutions the platform enables. Michelle can often be found contributing to the Power Platform online community, participates in Power Apps and Power Automate User Groups, and speak at conferences and Meetup meetings whenever possible.

The inspiration for this entry is her Son: he is a huge fan of Pokémons! He has been collecting Pokémon cards since he was 4 years old (he is now 12) and loves playing Pokémon Go.  To attract her son into Power Apps, she has been building different Pokémon games. Michelle has created three games: Pokemon memory, Pokemon noughts and crosses with Pokemon3D being her third game.  Additionally, Michelle joined the PowerApps4Kids where she is one of the leaders of P4K. Michelle has found her Children have been learning Power Apps by making it fun and entertaining!

Michelle is already working on her next game project, PokémonBubbles! To see Michelle Wong’s entry please visit:

A Pokémon 3D app with Mixed Reality – make photos with your favorite Pokémons and save this to your OneDrive 

About Matt Schuessler


Matt has a passion for Power Apps, is an avid community member, not afraid to speak his mind about politics, loves collaboration technologies and is a Microsoft Power Platform Consultant specializing in Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate at CANVIZ. At CANVIZ he is definitely a jack of all trades and has a proven track record on all the following the areas…including projects for Microsoft!

• Solution Architecture / Engineering
• Business Process Optimization
• IT Project Management
• Business Analysis
• Cloud Solutions
• Development
• Migration

Matt’s entry is R.C.O.R.S – Reduced Capacity Office Reservation System. During these difficult and uncertain times, many businesses are starting to open their doors to a limited amount of staff at a time. This app serves to solve the reservation system challenge. Allow your staff to reserve their turn to come back to the office while maintaining everyone’s safety. You can find more information about his entry here: R.C.O.R.S – Reduced Capacity Office Reservation System

About Deepak Shrivastava


Deepak is a Senior Manager at Ernst and Young a #Flownaut, Technology enthusiast, learner, and problem solver. One of his favorite ways of spending his time is sharing knowledge to empower others to achieve more. Deepak has an addiction to Cricket (Similar to baseball played mostly in Many Asian countries, Australia, UK, South Africa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cricket) and has never declined an invitation to play even if it middle of the night and someone wakes him up! On the topic of waking him up, caffeine effect on him is bizarre and situational. In the morning, it helps him wake up and strange but true if he take tea/coffee at night it helps Deppak fall asleep.

For his entry Deepak built the “Kids Learning App” to play and learn Math, Puzzle, and explore planets in 3D using #PowerApps features.

App Features:

  1. Simple Math – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
  2. Picture Puzzle (Jigsaw)- Easy and Hard
  3. Explore Solar system Planet- explorer planet is 3D and learn facts and other details.

See his Deepak’s entry here: Kids Learning Power App

About Matthew Devaney


Matthew Devaney is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) based in Winnipeg, Canada. He is currently employed as a business analyst in the finance department. Outside of work he is an avid hiker looking for adventure in the great outdoors such as his favorite hike: Crypt Lake trail that is along a shear cliff with no harnesses or climbing gear!! When it comes to Power Apps, he is the single most prolific and most active members on the PowerApps Community forums reading 123,000 messages, replying to 5,000 threads, supplying 1,300 solutions authoring and receiving over 1200 Kudos by grateful community members. Matthew’s entry is a remake of the classic PC game featuring all-original artwork and 10 randomly generated levels that he developed jointly with his wife, who did most of the artwork.

To see Matthew’s entry please see: Pipe Dream- A Power Apps Game

Renato Romao:


As one of the founders of the Power Virtual Agents community where he single handedly answers a large percentages of the Power Virtual Agents community forum posts.  For this call Renato has graciously offered to cover his latest community contributions help monitor the Q&A panel during the call.   Some words directly from Renato: Hi, my name is Renato Romão! ? I’m a Senior Full-stack Developer and you can see my biography in my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/renatoromao.

Renato’s entry retrieves real time data from the YouTube platform and was made using Power Apps integrate with Common Data Service and Power Automate he created this app to show the potential of Power Apps using mobile applications and integrated with Microsoft and Non-Microsoft platforms using the Power Platform. See Renato’s entry here: YouTube app using Power Apps

Help select the winner by clicking on their name or view all entries by clicking here and vote for your favorite by giving them a “kudo”.  The app with the most Kudos wins the Demo Extravaganza!

Big thanks to the community members for their entries!
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