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New sample apps, templates and features in this release

Back in April, we released a few sample apps with identical app templates shortly after. With this release, we happy to announce that we have four more sample apps along with identical app templates to use in create app from template flow. We hope that they give you more ideas on what PowerApps is capable of, cover more scenarios, and you find them useful in your learning journey to create more PowerApps.

Employee Engagement Survey – This is a quick and simple five-question survey app that can be shared with employees within your organization to get their feedback and help improve company or team culture. Playing with the sample app and template, you will see how we utilize and configure different controls in PowerApps such as radio buttons, multi-selection using gallery, slider, breadcrumbs, and others.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 00.37.23 Screenshot 2016-07-27 00.37.29 Screenshot 2016-07-27 00.37.36  


Health Plan Selector – This is a great example of a new employee onboarding app. Say, you are new employee joining Contoso and you are overwhelmed with different health care plans the company offers. This app walks you through a series of questions and base on your answers, it suggests the most suitable health care plan for you and your family. Exploring how this app template was built, you will learn how to pull in username from your AAD login, doing simple field validation such as zip-code, radio buttons, multi-selection, displaying information bubble on app screen, sending email by triggering your default mail client on your device and populate the email with content from the app, breadcrumbs, etc.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 00.51.01 Screenshot 2016-07-27 00.51.05 Screenshot 2016-07-27 00.51.13 Screenshot 2016-07-27 00.51.24


Asset Checkout – This is a super simple app that allows user to browse different assets, read reviews for each asset, and checkout an asset. Exploring the app template, you will learn how to display and browse customer reviews, doing form submit with simple logic for counting checkout days for each asset.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 00.56.15 Screenshot 2016-07-27 00.56.24 Screenshot 2016-07-27 00.56.35 Screenshot 2016-07-27 00.56.50


Product Showcase – This app can be used at Kiosk, best on a tablet, to showcase your product. Using our template, you can easily replace it with your product images, video, descriptions, etc. Exploring how this template is built, you will learn how to link or embed a video in PowerApps, how to showcase images, product side-by-side comparison charts, etc.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 01.00.37 Screenshot 2016-07-27 01.00.44
Screenshot 2016-07-27 01.00.52 productshowcase


Date time controls inside a card

Using the new datetime picker experience, you don’t have to type the date anymore but rather use the dropdowns to choose your desired date, hour and minute. If your data source contains dates, creating an app from data with it would use by default the new date-time picker card.



If your database is only storing dates (time is always 00:00) you can choose to hide the two pickers. To do that, select them and toggle the “Visible” property on the drop down menu.



After unlocking the card, you can further update under Advanced the Update value of the card to not override/save the hour and time. After all the changes, your date card should look like this:



You can further configure the way your app is displaying the date. By default, the date is shown in local time, you can however choose to have it in UTC.



Other new features in release 2.0.471

Re-order fields from the Options panel fro Form control

When working with form controls, previously, you can only move the field on the canvas to re-order them. Now you can re-order them on the right side panel too. Either way works.



Web Player supports parameters

· Passing parameters: You can pass parameters to the app along with the web url, for example, you can pass id with value 2 using the standard HTTP parameter format as below.


· Using parameters: You can use the Param() function to fetch the value of the passed parameter https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/tutorials/function-param/


As always, happy to hear your feedback on our sample apps, templates as well as what features we should bring into the product.