Power Apps portals: Introducing Power Virtual Agents integration using “Chatbot” component (public preview)

Power Apps portals allow you to add a Power Virtual Agents chatbot to answer questions posted by a visitor on your portal page. A chatbot (bot) configured with different topics, and trigger phrases, can automatically respond to questions posted by a visitor in a chat conversation.

Preview capabilities

The feature provides the following capabilities during this public preview:

  • Add bot from Dataverse environment
  • Add bot to all pages
  • Add bot to specific pages

How to get started?

Please note that your portal version must be 9.3.4.x or later and Starter portal package version 9.2.2103.x or later for this feature to work.

Before you add a Power Virtual Agents bot to a Power Apps portals page, you must create a bot first. If you don’t have any available bots, you’ll have the option in portals studio to go to Power Virtual Agents to create a bot. To learn about how to create a bot, go to Create and delete Power Virtual Agents bots.

Add bot from Dataverse environment

You can try this feature in preview (i.e. “make.preview.powerapps.com”).

  1. Edit portal using portals Studio.
  2. Select Components from the left pane.
  3. Select Chatbot component.
  4. Select your bot.

Add bot to all pages

When you add the bot to a page, by default “Chatbot visibility” is selected to “All pages”. So, when you browse website, you will see selected chatbot appearing in all the portal pages.

Add bot to specific pages

After adding the bot to a page, you can select “Chatbot visibility” option to “specific pages” and select the pages where you want to show bot.

We are looking forward to your feedback as we march towards GA

Go ahead and try this feature from make.preview.powerapps.com. Your feedback will help us continue to build on and improve the capabilities of this feature. We want to hear from you!

See documentation here for detailed overview.

Thank you,
Neeraj Nandwana