PowerApps checker now includes App checker results for Canvas apps in solutions

Low code apps should not be treated any differently than custom code where performance, security, reliability, accessibility, and other risks could exist that may interrupt your critical business processes or your end-user experiences. Being aware of these risks, making informed quality decisions, and minimizing any impact to your users is important before you move your apps across environments.


For Canvas apps you can view a list potential issues as you are building your apps using the App checker.  The App checker lists any formula errors, accessibility warnings and now also performance optimization tips.  From today we are happy to announce that for Canvas apps packaged in a solution, you can also see a list of potential issues directly using PowerApps checker in any of its forms, Solution checker in the PowerApps maker portal, PowerShell module, Azure DevOps task, or direct web API interactions. To view a summarized list of issues, you will need to republish any existing apps with the most recent version of the Studio before the results are available.



We’ll be including more solution components in the PowerApps checker results in the  future, so let us know what you think or provide any feedback through the PowerApps Forum.