PowerApps in Microsoft Teams – Make your team more productive

We are happy to announce availability of PowerApps within Microsoft Teams. If you are not aware, Teams is a chat-centered workspace in Office 365 that brings people, conversations, files, and tools into one place – go check it out.

With the combined efforts of Microsoft Teams and PowerApps teams, you can now add a PowerApps app to a channel in your team. Here is how we have our ideas submission app running in one of our channels:

In your Teams channel, just click on + sign, then add PowerApps as a tab:

Teams will show all the apps available to you. You can narrow down you app list by searching for app name, author or environment. You can then choose the app that you want to add to your channel:

Note: ​You will need to share the app and the data sources with your team members. Learn about sharing an app in PowerApps.

And that is it, you will have your app running within your team channel. Go ahead and add your apps to your team channels.

Once you have tried it out, we are eager to hear your feedback, reach us at PowerApps community or Teams tech community.