Retain your resources and data in Trial environments

There are two key types of environments which you can create – Trial and Production. Trial environments should expire 30 days after creation. Up to now, we haven’t been expiring Trial environments. We will be changing this behavior and will start expiring the Trial environments.

How do I retain my apps, flows and data in the Trial environment near expiration?

We are working on providing the ability to upgrade a Trial environment to a Production environment, so you can continue using your apps, flows, resources, and database in the environment.

Until this upgrade feature is available, if you have received a notification that your Trial environment will be deleted in the next 7 days, and you have important resources and data in the environment to be retained, you must export them to another environment. If you want to retain them for a longer time, we recommend you create a Production or an individual environment (with PowerApps Community Plan) and export the resources to it. More details on this are mentioned below.

Review the following export guidance.


Type of resource in the environment

How to export it?

Apps (Canvas based, and Model driven) and Flows

You can use the Packaging functionality to export the apps and flows from one environment.


Data in the database (CDS for Apps environment)

You have multiple options here:

Export to Excel and save the data. You can import the data in another environment.

You can as well use Data Integration Services, and API, to achieve exporting the data into another environment.

To begin with, we will be deleting Trial environments which haven’t had any activity in the environment databases for 30 days.

How can I create a Production or an individual environment?

You need to have specific PowerApps plans to be able to create a Production environment. Refer here for more details.

You can create an individual environment by signing up for the PowerApps Community Plan. Please note that there are restrictions on sharing of the apps in the individual environment and these environments are meant for personal use only.


If you have any questions, please contact us on the forum.


Business Application Platform Team.