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Share canvas apps with guests in your organization

Now in public preview, canvas apps may be shared with guests of your organization! This enables teams of individuals made up of different organizations participating in a common business process to access the same app resources that may be integrated with awide variety of Microsoft and third-party sources. While in preview we look forward to hearing your feedback and would appreciate posts in this PowerApps forum topic 

You can start sharing your canvas apps with guests following these steps:

  1. Add guest users to your organization in Azure Active Directory.
    1. This is outlined in the article: Quickstart: Add a new guest user in Azure AD.  
  2. Assign a license to the guest user.
    1. This is outlined in the articles: Assign licenses to one user or Assign or remove licenses from users for https://admin.microsoft.com and https://portal.azure.com, respectively.
    2. Note, you may need to turn off the Microsoft 365 admin center preview to assign a license to a guest.
  3. Share the canvas app.
    1. Sign in to https://make.powerapps.com
    2. Select an app, click share.
    3. As user names and email addresses are typed in the sharing panel, if the user is already invited as a guest to the tenant the auto-suggest feature will present guest names and indicate the user is a guest. 
  4. Guests can discover and access apps shared with from the email sent to them as part of the sharing.  


Note, to support guest access the app web link now includes a query string with ‘tenantId=value” as a parameter. The query string parameter is required for guests to access an app. Non-guests can access apps with or without the query string.

If you have canvas apps that you want to share with users outside of your organization and you’re interested in participating in public preview be sure to review the latest capabilities supported for guest access in the documentation. Also, periodically review the documentation to see the updates as they roll out leading up to general availability. Lastly, if you have Model Driven apps that you want to share with guests you can learn more about how to here