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PowerApps weekly release summaries are live! Tune in for new features and bug fixes!


Hey everyone! While you have been building stunning applications on PowerApps, you’ve requested a way to view the latest enhancements and new features that our team is releasing each week. Today we are launching PowerApps Weekly Release Notes. This will give you visibility into the latest features and optimizations that we’re shipping on a weekly basis.

Over the past few months we’ve listened to your needs and are formally launching Release Notes that will provide you the following information.

  1. Preview Vs Worldwide region availability – plan-ahead and try out the latest in preview before it reaches your local region
  2. Versions for each region – troubleshoot issues and see if an update is on its way
  3. Item classification – drill down into each release to see what new features available and what bugs are deployed
  4. Region specific deployments – track the deployments across geographies
  5. Functional segregation of items – drill into each sub product release:
    1. Common Data Service for Apps
    2. Web.powerapps.com
    3. PowerApps Studio & Mobile

How to navigate the Release Notes page?

  1. Latest version availability, track the incremental roll out across various regions (image below)
    1. Region – supported regions
    2. Common Data Service for Apps – CDS versions that have been deployed
    3. Web.PowerApps.com – Maker Portal versions that have been deployed
    4. PowerApps Studio and PowerApps Mobile – Studio and Player versions that have been deployed
  2. Preview region and Worldwide availability of functional areas, you will know what’s in preview and what’s been rolled out globally
      1. Version – version number for the functional area
      2. Preview Region (First available) – releases over time for the preview region
      3. Worldwide availability –  releases over time in all regions


    How is each release setup?
    As you start exploring the content for each version, you’ll notice two sections.

    1. Features – shows the features that are shipped for this version (on the top of the page)
    2. Updates and Improvements – shows updates and optimizations that were introduced in this version (at the bottom of the page)


Weekly cadence for the release notes

Every week, we’ll publish the release notes on this site https://docs.microsoft.com/business-applications-release-notes/powerplatform/released-versions/powerapps. We will also publish a blog every week summarizing the release notes, so you may as well subscribe to the blog RSS.

We’ll continue to make incremental updates to the release notes so that it’s not only insightful but also easier for you to consume. Looking forward to hearing your feedback, so that we can continue optimizing the release notes.