Unblocking your path to build apps with Dataverse

We are happy to announce public preview of Just-in-Time (JIT) Developer Environments, a smart routing that will be a game-changer for building premium apps with Dataverse.

It will assess whether the app you want to build demands more permissions than what your current environment provides. In cases of insufficient permissions, JIT Developer Environments steps in and promptly offer you a solution. With just one click, you will be moved to a JIT developer environment that grants full permissions in your own personal space. This environment will also give you Developer plan and will have your name as well as tenant regions already configured in single click.

This capability becomes accessible when you attempt to build a new app on the home page or app page, as well as when you create table on the tables page.

You will be able to use AI enabled app types like upload an excel file and start with a blank table with JIT Developer environment experiences.

If you already have a developer environment, rather than creating a new developer environment it will smartly switch to your existing developer environment. Also note that you will be able to see these options only if your admin has allowed developer environment creation.

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