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Vancouver User Group September 23rd: Controls in canvas apps and Power Automate Cloud Flows

September the Vancouver User Group brings us two great topics by two great Power Platform MVPs with the entire event hosted by an icon of the MVP world: Scott Durow!

  1. Use and understand Controls in a canvas app in Power Apps by May Alhajri
  2. How to build better Power Automate Cloud Flows – tips, tricks and considerations by Dawid Ziolkowski

When: September 9/23/2021 6pm PST

Where: https://aka.ms/SeptVanPUG

Use and understand Controls in a canvas app in Power Apps by May Alhajri

Controls help create a better experience for the user and collect the appropriate data. This module will help you understand and use Controls.
Learning objectives:

  • Understand how to use controls in a canvas app
  • Use the different types of controls
  • Understand how Galleries and Forms related to controls


How to build better Power Automate Cloud Flows – tips, tricks and considerations by Dawid Ziolkowski

This session will be packed with the tips and tricks how to approach build better, quicker more performant Power Automate Cloud Flows. In this story I will also cover some considerations of building the Flow like User context and that not always http actions are required to change it.

May Alhajri

Don’t think inside the box and don’t think outside the box…Don’t even know where the box is. You can’t force creatives into a box. If you try, they’ll no longer be creative. And no one will want your box. Digital world is my place⭐️ Sharing my knowledge is my favorite part of my day through all my social media accounts. Therefore, sharing my knowledge is the best way to learn and retain knowledge for myself.


Dawid Ziolkowski

I’m working in the IT almost 12 years thou I finished management studies, after years I know that this was one of the important factors for me.

I’m working close with Users and always looking to find the Business Value to deliver what will really help. I participated in many projects, building various automatizations and workflows, that is why I feel so good with Power Automate. Next to that of course there is User Experience which is the key and one of the deciding factors of success and that is why Power Apps are in my daily work and I like them so much.

I strongly believe that all the Digital tools are for people and Power Platform can help anyone to resolve their day-to-day challenges or support the work and make it more efficient. That is why I’m currently working to establish a Citizen Developers framework which will support Onboarding, Learning, Governance of all New and Active Makers. This is huge challenges but at the same time fascinating journey.

Except all above I love to interact with community #PowerAddicts, speak at the conferences and writing my own blog where I’m sharing my learnings. #SharingIsCarring


Scott Durow

Scott is a committed and personable software architect/technologist with a successful track record for realising business vision through enterprise/application architectures that are tightly aligned with budget and time scales. By combining his detailed technical knowledge with a clear grasp of the wider commercial issues Scott is able to identify and implement practical solutions to real business problems. Scott is also an excellent communicator and technical author. Scott's 20 years of software engineering background has moved him from assembly language device driver programming, industrial control software engineering into enterprise business software applications, with experience that covers work in Europe, North America and Japan.