11 More Connectors Released in March 2021!

Another eleven connectors were added in March, providing connectivity to services that offer company financial data insights, IoT devices, and task management, just to name a few! Continue reading on to see how you can leverage these awesome connectors in your automation story.

In related news, we’re very quickly approaching the milestone of 500 connectors available on the platform. It’s been great to see the growth of connectivity to these fantastic services and we’re excited for what’s to come.

Remember to check back next month for the monthly installment of connector releases!


“The Aletheia connector provides financial data and analysis for any publicly traded company, all available through no-code development with Power Apps and Power Automate.  Access stock quotes and technical metrics, insider trading transaction history, earnings call analysis, SEC filings, and more through one connector. With Aletheia, you have access to an unprecedented amount of both primary and aggregate financial data to further fuel your investment research and back your investment decisions.” -Tim Hanewich, Founder & CEO, Aletheia

Visit the Aletheia documentation to learn more.

ClickSend Postcards

“ClickSend Postcards is the modern, digital way to get your business postcards printed and delivered and, being connected with Power Automate, the process can be totally automated. Colourful, creative personalised postcards get cut through in a world of emails and digital advertising. They are super effective for promoting offers and sales but are also a wonderful way to say thank you for a purchase and great for appointment reminders and even abandoned cart reminders.” – Matthew Larner, Managing Director, ClickSend

Visit the ClickSend Postcards documentation to learn more.


“Evocom is the easy-to-use solution for collaborative processes, agile project and task management in companies. This simplicity enables business users to independently digitize microprocesses in departments and to orchestrate overarching processes – integration of data from existing applications included. With the Evocom connector you can easily start collaborative processes using any trigger in Power Automate or Azure Logic Apps (for example start a process on incoming e-mail). You can also use triggers within Evocom’s processes, projects or tasks to automate actions within Microsoft’s automation stack, such as booking an approved invoice using RPA.” – Jochen Baur, General Manager, Evocom

Visit the Evocom documentation to learn more.


“Enrich your Power Apps and Power Automate solutions with data on 75M+ European companies using the HitHorizons connector. Easily access millions of company data values and utilise features such as smart autocomplete search and data autofill in your custom low-code applications and workflows between your favourite apps and services. More than 30 data points will help you uncover insights, optimise business processes and work smarter and more efficiently in your 365 applications. With the HitHorizons connector, company data flows automatically into your applications, avoiding any entry errors and saving you valuable time to focus on what matters.” – Filip Glasa, CEO, HitHorizons

Visit the HitHorizons documentation to learn more.


“HrFlow.ai helps companies identify, match and hire people where they can be their best. With the new Power Automate connector, companies can now aggregate and parse HR data at scale from multiple Microsoft end points and elsewhere. This ensures companies never miss any data, no matter the source, and always match the right talent – internally or externally – to the right job.”  – Mouhidine Seiv, CEO, HrFlow.ai

Visit the HrFlow.ai documentation to learn more.

Huddo Boards

“Huddo Boards is a flexible task management app that fully integrates into Microsoft Teams and connects internal and external users, across multiple environments, to collaborate on projects. The Power Automate connector works with existing integrations with Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive to make light work of repetitive and routine tasks and projects, and enables users to create multiple-step workflows and further integrate Huddo Boards with multiple Microsoft and third-party cloud apps. Capture tasks automatically, manage resources and deadlines, organise and filter tasks, and flick between four unique project views to efficiently complete business objectives whilst keeping everything automated and centralised.” – Craig Smith, Digital Marketing Manager, Huddo

Visit the Huddo Boards documentation to learn more.

Pilot Things

“With the Pilot Things connector in conjunction with Power IoT server, you can leverage more than 500 LoRaWAN sensors to build applications, automations, or analyze real time sensor data. In your building, presence sensors could automatically update Microsoft Outlook room status and parking sensors could give you available places in real time. With temperature sensors you could monitor your hotel fridge and receive alert messages in Microsoft Teams, or with GPS trackers you can update your Microsoft Dynamic 365 product stocks. There are tons of possibilities available to you! To see all the sensors supported, check out our sensor library.” – Eric Szymkowiak, CEO, Pilot Things

Visit the Pilot Things documentation to learn more.

Powell Teams

“With the Powell Teams connector, you can take digital transformation to the next level by removing even more time-consuming tasks. Powell Teams allows the automatic creation of fully predefined teams to make collaboration processes even more fluid, productive and intelligent. The connector allows you to trigger the Powell Teams API in order to call various actions such as Teams creation, reporting details and other details from Powell Teams configuration.” – Matthieu Silbermann, CPO, Powell Teams

Visit the Powell Teams documentation to learn more.

Showcase Workshop

“Companies all over the world use Showcase Workshop to assemble perfect presentations, share them with their team and deliver them to their customers with impact. Our connectors give you the ability to trigger tasks, workflows and events in any Power Automate compatible CRM. Examples of how this can be utilized include: to automate a follow-up email sequence after a meeting, call or demo; to create a task(s) in your sales team’s workflow.” – Paul Tuckey, CTO, Showcase Workshop

Visit the Showcase Workshop documentation to learn more.


“SmartDialog offers quick, reliable and versatile Cloud based messaging. With our connector you get a growing number of bi-directional channels, from SMS to WhatsApp and beyond. Based in Finland, we focus on Europe and the Nordics, but have global reach available.” – Patrik Norrgård, CTO, Arena Interactive Oy

Visit the SmartDialog documentation to learn more.


“StaffCircle is a next generation Performance Management and Culture platform for managing, engaging and progressing your distributed workforce. Realtime OKRs, One2One’s, Performance Reviews and Feedback as well as awards and recognition can be combined to show a true picture of your employee’s performance and cultural alignment. Now with the StaffCircle Power Automate connector, you can automate HR workflows to and from the rest of your technical stack.  Create and update performance objectives directly from data in your CRM, push notifications and alerts into Microsoft teams, update your calendar on important work events and much more. StaffCircle platform runs natively on Microsoft Azure giving you the best in security and scalability.” – Mark Seemann, CEO & Founder, StaffCircle

Visit the StaffCircle documentation to learn more.