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24 New Connectors Released in October 2020!

October was an exciting month for new connectors for Power Automate, with a whopping 24 new connectors released this month. Let’s jump right in and see what these newest additions to the connector lineup can offer. 

Africa’s Talking SMS

“Africa’s Talking SMS is a platform that empowers developers to easily integrate text communication to their applications and reach millions of mobile subscribers across Africa. With this connector, you can easily tap into our Bulk SMS API to send branded text messages to multiple numbers instantly and retrieve messages sent back to you by these mobile subscribers.”

Visit the Africa’s Talking SMS documentation to learn more.

Apptigent PowerTools PRO

“Apptigent PowerTools PRO makes it even easier for Power Platform users to supercharge their apps and flows. Adding to the 30+ essential actions in the free LITE edition, the Professional Edition leverages the power of Azure Cognitive Services to deliver advanced capabilities like on-the-fly text translation into dozens of languages and text to speech in more than 70 locales and voices. Also included are must-have productivity boosters like image conversion and resizing, link shortening, email validation, weights and measures calculations, time zone transformation, real-time currency conversion, and more! PowerTools PRO gives every user in your organization the ability to create advanced solutions with zero code.”

Visit the Apptigent PowerTools PRO documentation to learn more.

AvePoint Cloud Governance

“AvePoint Cloud Governance allows sustainable adoption of Microsoft 365 Teams, Groups, and Sites by offering users a managed self-service model for provisioning, management, and lifecycle of all collaborative workspaces. With the AvePoint Cloud Governance connector, you can integrate these services even further into your organizations existing business practices. For example, you can automatically create a new Microsoft Team with pre-configured membership, configuration, and documents triggered by the addition of a new record in your engagement management system.”

Visit the AvePoint Cloud Governance documentation to learn more.

Azure Communication Services SMS

“Azure Communication Services is a new offering as part of the Azure platform that allows developers to easily integrate communication capabilities into their applications. With the SMS Connector, developers will be able to integrate SMS sending into their automation workflows using Communication Services powered phone numbers.”

Visit the Azure Communication Services SMS documentation to learn more.

ClickSend SMS

“ClickSend is a business communications platform with SMS at its core enabling businesses to easily send and receive SMS for alerts, notifications, invites, marketing, and more via super-fast direct routes anywhere in the world. ClickSend also offers MMS, Email, Voice, and even Post, which can all be automated. So, with the new ClickSend connector you can leverage Power Automate to automatically send SMS and more upon triggers you set. These could be messages automatically sent to leads or customers or alerts to yourself. Time to get connected.”

Visit the ClickSend SMS documentation to learn more.

Cloudmersive Currency

“The Cloudmersive Currency service helps you retrieve exchange rates and convert prices between currencies easily, supporting over 30 of the most common currencies and retrieving the latest exchange rates. Cloudmersive Currency supports a wide array of finance and pricing needs and applications.”

Visit the Cloudmersive Currency documentation to learn more.

Connective eSignatures

“The Connective eSignatures connector for Power Automate enables users to request, track, and store electronic signatures directly within the existing Microsoft apps they know, allowing them to speed up and simplify business. As a result, signing documents is simpler for both the sender of the document and the person receiving it for approval and signature. eSignatures allows you to transform a paper-based flow into an end-to-end digital flow, supporting a multitude of legally binding signing methods.”

Visit the Connective eSignatures documentation to learn more.


“CRM Bot is an enterprise level Conversational AI platform, built on top of CDS & Power Automate. It allows you to create, manage, publish and analyze chatbots on Web, Instant Messaging or Voice channels without leaving your CDS & Power Automate instances. Thanks to our unique fulfilment model the connector offers, you are always in control of your data and are able to fulfil your users’ queries with over 400 different services without writing a single line of code.”

Visit the CRM Bot documentation to learn more.

FHIRBase & FHIRClinical

“FHIRBase and FHIRClinical are connectors that allow for building health applications that help enable interoperability and ease of use of FHIR.

FHIRBase is a connector for resources in FHIR defined Base set. These sets of resources form the foundation of all information linked to patients, which serve as the building blocks for future applications of the data. These resources include Patient, Practitioner, Devices, Encounters and more.

FHIRClinical is a connector for clinical resources within the FHIR defined Clinical data set. These include frequently recorded clinical information about a patient such as Observations, Medication, CarePlans, etc. This would be the set of information that clinicians and care providers would most often need to access and use in order to provide their patient with services.”

Visit the FHIRBase and FHIRClincial documentation to learn more.


“GroupMgr is a governance tool which gives you that much-needed overview of all existing groups within Office 365, of their users, and related assets. GroupMgr allows you to view and manage Microsoft 365 groups within your tenant and allows end users and administrators to easily create new ones, taking into account your own customized authorization flow. By using actions and triggers in Power Automate, you will be able to add your own business logic to govern your groups. For example, trigger a flow when a group is created, updated, deleted, or archived. Or you can warn a user when a group becomes inactive. In other words, you are in full control of a group’s lifecycle and will be able to create order out of chaos by using automation.”

Visit the GroupMgr documentation to learn more.

HYAS Insight

“The HYAS Insight Connector for Azure Sentinel enables you to tap into petabytes of external threat intelligence from HYAS Insight. Incidents can be enriched automatically using Azure Sentinel Playbooks, saving time and resources for your security responders. HYAS Insight highlights include historical and proprietary WHOIS, precise IP-to-geolocation, exclusive dynamic DNS data, extensive passive DNS data, and advanced malware telemetry. The Azure Sentinel-HYAS Insight combination enables further automation of cyber threat operations and can inform risk assessments, profile attackers, guide online fraud investigations, and map adversary infrastructure.”

Visit the HYAS Insight documentation to learn more.

LatinShare Documents

“The LatinShare Documents connector offers tools for handling various types of documents (HTML, Docx, PDF) which allows you to convert the format of documents simply and quickly. In addition to converting the document format, this solution has methods for creating documents from custom templates, allowing you to automatically create new files.”

Visit the LatinShare Documents documentation to learn more.

LatinShare SHP Management

“The LatinShare SHP Management connector offers solutions to manage various functions or processes in SharePoint Online, allowing users to manage SharePoint lists, document folders, files, and sites in a simple way. These actions allow you to interact with sites and resources from multiple tenants, which streamlines the management of documents or items between many sites.”

Visit the LatinShare SHP Management documentation to learn more.

LegalBot AI Tools

“With instant and automated review of legal and financial documents, LegalBot AI Tools speeds up digital transformation of legal, finance, and compliance tasks. Reduce workload from hours to seconds. It’s easy to customize to your specific needs to instantly extract, compare, and translate key information from over 10 document formats and 50 languages.”

Visit the LegalBot AI Tools documentation to learn more.

Peltarion AI

“The Peltarion Platform is a low-code deep learning platform for building commercially viable AI-powered solutions. With the Peltarion AI connector, adding intelligence to your products, workflows or apps has never been easier. The Peltarion AI connector lets you combine different data types, expanding its areas of use and the accuracy of your model.”

Visit the Peltarion AI documentation to learn more.

Power Apps Notification V2

“Power Apps Notification V2 connectors expands upon the functionality of the existing Power Apps Notification connector, bringing support for Field Service and more!”

Visit the Power Apps Notification V2 documentation to learn more.

Power Form 7

“Power Form 7 connects to Contact Form 7, which is the world’s most popular form plugin for WordPress. With it, you can trigger your flows from a form submission or run the process in reverse and submit a Contact Form 7 form from directly inside your flows.”

Visit the Power Form 7 documentation to learn more.

tyntec Portability Check

“As an ITU-registered operator, tyntec has the industry’s largest coverage for phone number information. Tyntec’s number database is a secret behind many optimization techniques for voice and SMS routing. With the tyntec Portability Check connector, you can validate phone numbers, right from your flows, before sending messages. That will help you avoid failed attempts which translates into better user experience, and lower cost.”

Visit the tyntec Portability Check documentation to learn more.

tyntec SMS Business

“Tyntec has built its own carrier software platform in-house, and made it simple to switch between different messaging channels such as SMS, WhatsApp and Viber. With the tyntec SMS Business connector, you can reach over 5 billion unique mobile subscribers globally for time-sensitive one-time passcodes, notifications and custom messages. You can also get the delivery status right from your flows.”

Visit the tyntec SMS Business documentation to learn more.

tyntec Viber Business

“Tyntec’s Conversations API connects to both telephony services such as SMS and over-the-top messaging channels such as Viber. With the tyntec Viber Business connector, you can send custom messages directly from your flows – and get delivery status, too. To make sure your messages reach any mobile subscribers, even the ones without the Viber app, you can add fallback SMS just as easily.”

Visit the tyntec Viber Business documentation to learn more.

tyntec WhatsApp Business

“Tyntec’s communications platform provides both telephony services such as SMS and over-the-top channels such as WhatsApp to help businesses reach any mobile subscribers around the world. With the tyntec WhatsApp Business connector, you can send WhatsApp template messages directly from your flows. You can even add fallback SMS to make sure the message arrives even when the recipient doesn’t have a data connection.”

Visit the tyntec WhatsApp Business documentation to learn more.

Ubiqod by Skiply

“The Ubiqod platform allows you to connect the real world with Skiply cloud buttons. Whether you’re looking to automate on-demand service requests or to timestamp the passage of staff on site, you can trigger complex processes at your fingertips. Each device offers more than 15,000 combinations for endless possibilities. And with the Ubiqod by Skiply connector, users can seamlessly connect to their favorite online tools in Power Automate.”

Visit the Ubiqod by Skiply documentation to learn more.


“Zenkraft allows you to book, ship, and track shipments with 70+ carriers globally including FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Royal Mail, DPD, and many others. With Zenkraft, retailers and manufacturers no longer have to spend time integrating carriers across multiple systems. You can integrate once to become more agile and expand into more geographies quicker. The solution supports shipment booking, rating, tracking, and pick-ups, as well as international trade documents.”

Visit the Zenkraft documentation to learn more.