AI Builder Invoice Processing Automation Starter Kit is available on App Source

AI Builder Invoice Processing Starter Kit is a solution package that provides a reference implementation to help automate invoice processing, and deployment bootstrapping.

The Invoice Processing Starter Kit leverages AI Builder to extract data from invoices, Power Automate flows for the orchestration, Common Data Service entities to store data and a Power App to configure and monitor the process as well as to review and edit the extracted data. This solution offers a role-based workflow.

Business scenario


Once an email is received, the attachment is retrieved by Power Automate, the corresponding provider is determined.


The associated AI Builder model is called. Then, Power Automate stores the extracted information in an invoice entity.


Get Started

You can define the permissions and accessible features based on the profile, validator or power user, to leverage the Power Platform teams and roles.

In AI Builder, you can build form processing models to extract data from each invoice type and take advantage of the new form processing supervised capability. For more information see:

–  AI Builder Form processing now lets you recognize undetected fields
–  Create a form processing model

In Power Apps, you can configure the sender address for each provider, and the specified AI Builder form processing model to extract the information. Then, you can map the keys of your invoice to the invoice fields provided by Microsoft.

You can also monitor this process:

Users can review the extracted fields, perform edits and validate the invoice before the data is sent to the target system.

This solution is provided at no additional cost when you have an AI Builder, Power Apps and Power Automate license. By leveraging the products of the Power Platform, it can be totally customized to fit to your business.

We are considering adding additional features in the future so stay tuned.

Learn more

You can download the package from App Source  and read the documentation.