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Announcing app usage analytics in ISV Studio

Today we are very excited to announce the public preview release of a new feature in ISV Studio – allowing an ISV to monitor the usage of your published applications. ISV Studio allows an ISV to monitor their published app. With the release of this feature, in addition to seeing the total number of installations a user will now be able to see the Monthly, Weekly and Daily active usage of their app. This feature is expected to provide a valuable way for ISVs to measure the success of their applications.

You can see this data under the Usage tab in ISV Studio.


A user will also be able to filter this usage by component type, component name, package name, and solutions within a given package.

How is usage calculated?

Usage is calculated by the number of times a component (entity, app module, forms, flow etc.) is opened. Usage over time is expected to show data for the past 90 days. Historic usage data for apps will be available to users within the next few months.

Please note: For ISVs to start seeing the usage data, tenants or customers need to update their apps.

Learn more about this exciting new feature here.

Please continue providing your valuable feedback and feature suggestions around Power Platform ISV Studio. You can contact us via ISV Studio or email us directly at ISVFeedback@microsoft.com