Announcing Azure Key Vault credentials for desktop flow connections (preview)

We are thrilled to announce the public preview of our new Credential manager, which provides a streamlined way to create and manage credentials with secrets stored in Azure Key Vault.

These credentials can then be used in your desktop flow connections (instead of providing username and password values manually).

Create credential

Key Features

Built-in credential manager: Centralized repository to manage all your credentials in one place, allowing you to easily manage and retrieve login information.

Credentials (preview) page

RBAC: Credentials can be shared and used without giving access to the secrets themselves.

ALM (application lifecycle management): Credentials are based on environment variables which are ALM compliant and can be exported using solutions.

Password rotation: Credentials and connections using them are updated when the Azure Key Vault secrets are updated.


Get started with credential management

Ready to create your first credentials and learn more about using them in desktop flow connections ?

Let’s get started today by visiting the Power Automate portal:

  1. Select More in the left navigation pane, then select Discover all.
  2. Under Data, select Credentials (preview). You can pin the page in the left navigation pane to make it more accessible.
  3. Follow the steps described in our documentation !