Microsoft Flow Windows Phone app is now publicly available

You’ve been asking for it and now it’s here: Microsoft Flow app is officially available for Windows phone devices. This new app works on Windows phone devices running Windows 10.

After gathering your valuable feedback, and improving our Beta version, today we’re proud to make the Windows Phone app officially public on the Windows Store, and by that complete our mobile offering throughout all platforms.

Similarly to our Flow Mobile App for iOS & Android, the Flow Windows phone app allows you to Create and monitor flows, receive notifications, trigger Button flows (and soon share them), manage flows and more – all from the palm of your hand.

So, if you own a Windows phone device running on Windows10, be sure to check out the new Flow app and enjoy automation made easy!
Here’s a short guide to get you started – how to install, create and use a button for tracking your work hours:


How to install Microsoft Flow on you Windows phone device:

  1. Open the Windows Store and search for ‘Microsoft Flow’, or use this link.

    Windows store search

  2. Tap ‘Get’ to download the app

    Get the Flow app

  3. Once the download completes, tap ‘Launch’

    Launch the Flow app

  4. Swipe through the carousel or tap ‘Get Started’

    Flow app carousel

  5. Sign in to Microsoft Flow
    If you don’t have an account for Microsoft Flow, follow these instructions.

    Flow sign in   


How to create a button flow from a template:

  1. Open the Flow app and tap on the ‘Browse’ tab

    Flow Browse tab

  2. Search for ‘Track your working hours’ and tap on the template

    Template search      

  3. Tap ‘Use this template’

    Use this template page
    Notice that in order to use this template you will need to create an Excel table with the following columns: Date, Timestamp.

  4. Connect the required services

    Connect services        

  5. Choose the file and the table within the file, and tap save

    Insert row action   

  6. Congratulations! Your flow was successfully created. Tap ‘Done’

    Flow creation success page

  7. Go to the Buttons tab and tap on your button to trigger it

    Buttons tab             Button triggered

Learn more about button capabilities here.


Coming soon:

  • Shared buttons – share your button flows with your team and colleagues to run.
  • Approval center – where you’ll be able to review and approve pending approval requests directly from the app.


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