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Announcing Microsoft Flow webinar and other updates

The Microsoft Flow Webinar

It’s been an exciting 7 days with the release of Microsoft Flow last week and the announcement of integration with SharePoint yesterday. To help you get better acquainted with Microsoft Flow we are going to hold a series of webinars on Tuesdays. The very first one is scheduled for this coming Tuesday (May 10th) at 10AM Pacific Daylight Time, and should last about an hour. This will be your opportunity to see some demos and ask questions live to the team behind Microsoft Flow. Please register here now: https://aka.ms/msflow-webinar. If you can’t make this time we will post the recording here afterwards.

Note May 27th – the video is available on YouTube below:


Every week you’ll see updates from Microsoft Flow about new features and functionality. This week we added two new services: Microsoft Project Online and Mandrill by Mailchimp. Microsoft Project is a great tool for managing complex tasks, but sometimes you also want to create tasks in simpler tools like Office 365 or Wunderlist. You can now easily copy tasks into or out of Microsoft Project Online, such as when you have tasks in Wunderlist, or even events in Office 365 or Outlook.com.

You can see all of the templates for Microsoft Project Online here. We look forward to seeing what you can do with these two new services. Here is one example of how you can create a flow from scratch using Flow: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/microsoft-flow-project-online-working-together-prasanna (thanks to Prasanna Adavi for the great blog post!).