Announcing Variable support in UI flows

We are excited to announce the availability of variables inside UI flows. This is another example of our commitment to rapidly iterate on features to drive value in UI automation scenarios.

With this feature, users can add variables to perform multiple actions within your UI automation. You can use variables for data types such as integer, float, array, string etc.

For example, you can use a variable to count how many times an operation was performed in a loop. Or you can use variables to create a string array with screen recordings done in a UI flow loop.

Here are the steps to create and use variables in a UI flow.

1.  Go to the beginning of the UI flow and select Add an action

2.  Search for variable and select Initialize variable action

Once initialized, you may use variables within your UI automation to perform multiple actions.

For example, if your UI automation scenario involves reading values from a screen in a loop, you could achieve this by initializing the variable as an array type. Then, within the UI flow, simply select the Append to array variable action and use the output of Get Text action from dynamic content



Please do not forget to share any feedback at the Power Automate Community Forum and use “UI flows” label.

Happy automating!