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Customer story: Automating Business Activities

We would like to highlight how different customers are building and using flows. Each week we will show off a particularly cool story. Please submit yours on the Forum and we’ll show it here on the Microsoft Flow Blog.

In a recent blog post, technology consultant Venkat Rao demonstrates how one might conceive a business idea and bring it to life through Flow.

You can read the full blog post here. In it are two videos, the first demonstrating how a business can use Flow to engage more consistently with users (when a user posts to your business’ Facebook page, notify appropriate employees, document in an excel file, and generate a lead in Dynamics CRM).

The second demonstrates how you can sync important documents across a business group and never forget an action item (for emails with attachments, upload the attachment to a group OneDrive folder, and create a Wunderlist task to follow up).

We hope you find this useful, please submit your stories!