Introducing Power Fx in desktop flows: Empowering Makers with low-code capabilities

What is Power Fx?

Power Fx is the low-code language, inspired by the Excel formula syntax, that brings the capabilities of logic expressions to Microsoft Power Platform. It’s versatile, declarative, and designed for both no-code makers and pro-code developers. With Power Fx, you can express complex logic in a human-friendly text format, making it accessible to everyone.


Power Fx in desktop flows (preview)

Power Fx made its debut for desktop flows in Power Automate for desktop December’s release. Since then, makers can harness the capabilities of this expressive language directly within their flows.

Enabling Power Fx in a desktop flow

Enabling Power Fx in a desktop flow (preview)


Power Automate for desktop’s March release will include the following features:

IntelliSense capabilities

  • Syntax colorization: Enjoy a visually pleasing experience with color-coded expressions, allowing for quicker and clearer distinction of variable components.
  • Real-time suggestions & autocomplete functionality: While typing, Power Fx provides context-aware suggestions, assisting in expression synthesis.
IntelliSense capabilities in desktop flows

IntelliSense capabilities in desktop flows


  • Function signature helpers: Get a quick overview of function parameters and usage right within the respective input field (formula bar).


Revamped variable picker

An enhanced variable picker is now available, providing filtering and shorting capabilities allowing for more intuitive of selecting variables in the respective actions.

Power Automate for desktop's new variable picker

Power Automate for desktop’s new variable picker


Function picker

The new function picker allows for scrolling through a list of Power Fx functions, providing a quick overview to the full list of available functions.

Power Automate for desktop's function picker

Power Automate for desktop’s function picker

Embrace the Future of Automation – truly democratized RPA

By introducing Power Fx in desktop flows, billions of makers will feel right at home, being able to re-use knowledge from Excel formulas when creating expressions.

Power Automate for desktop’s March release marks a new era for desktop flow authoring, providing enhanced capabilities aiming to minimize effort and increase simplicity and productivity.
Whether automating simple scripts or orchestrating complex processes, Power Fx enabled desktop flows empower makers to turn ideas into reality without tedious coding.