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Monitor your RPA automations with desktop flow activity (Generally Available)

We are happy to announce that Desktop flow activity is now generally available.

Desktop flow activity is the new area in Power Automate to monitor in real-time your desktop flows automations.

Three new pivots —  “Last runs”, “Machines” and “Current runs” — have been added these last weeks to get more control on your RPA automations and orchestration.

Last runs pivot: monitor your desktop flows runs

The Last runs section provides graphs and tables to get meaningful insights about your desktop flows runs, such as the number of runs, the percentage of errors, and the run modes.

From this pivot, you can filter the presented data by date, desktop flow, cloud flow, machine, run mode, run status, and error. Filtering enables you to focus on a specific range of data and handle them more efficiently.

Moreover, you can directly reach the desktop flows, machines and runs page from desktop flow activity to quickly fix issues you might have identified.

Machines pivot: monitor your machines and machine groups

You can use the Machines section to monitor your machines and machine groups. These pivot tables provide information about the number of machines, groups, connection status, Power Automate for desktop versions installed on machines, and lists of machines and machine groups.

Current runs: monitor your queued and running desktop flows

You can use the Current runs section to monitor active desktop flows runs. These pivot tables provide information about the number of running and queued desktop flows, and lists with the running and queued desktop flows.

Monitor your automations in Power BI desktop (preview)

Power Automate enables you to download a Power BI template to monitor desktop flow activity from the Power BI desktop application.

You can use this template to retrieve the data and charts displayed on the desktop flow activity page, such as last runs, main errors, and machine information.

Improved run details page for better troubleshooting

The run details page of a desktop flow has been significantly improved:

  • Run details: in this card, you can retrieve all the details of this run (parent cloud flow, parent desktop flow, target machine, run mode, status, duraiton). You can reach the details of the parent flow or the machine directly from this card.
  • Run status: this new timeline provides the different steps of a run (from request to end). It will help you to understand if the issue comes from your desktop flow script or during the machine assignement
  • Action details: in the card, you can now retrive the action index used in Power Automate for desktop in each executed step. It will help you to easily identify the action that requires attention

Hoping that you will find the above updates useful, please feel free to provide your questions and feedback in the Power Automate Community. If you want to learn more about Power Automate for desktop, get started with the below resources: