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14 New Verified Connectors and 15 Updates released in April 2022

Welcome to the monthly newsletter! We are happy to announce that in April, we launched 14 new verified connectors and 15 updates from different service owners. These connectors have solutions and tools for Data, Collaboration, Security, Communication, Business Intelligence, and much more. You can view all the details and highlights below.

Thank you, all our partners, for this great partnership, and we look forward to partnering with many more companies providing wonderful solutions in the future.

New connectors

App Power Forms

App Power Forms connector is the easiest way to include external stakeholders in your business processes! This is a revolutionary concept of designing forms right within Power Automate flow editor and sending them to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

You can create the form, add fields to it, send the link to the recipient and wait for the response in one flow. Getting feedback or collecting data from stakeholders outside you organization has never been this easy! To get up and running, check out the instructions outlined here: https://apppower.net/.

Terho Antila, CEO, App Power Solutions

Visit the App Power Forms connector documentation to learn more.

Autodesk Forge Data Exchange

Unleash your productivity and streamline collaboration by connecting design and make data between Revit and the tools of your choice.

Visit the Autodesk Forge Data Exchange connector documentation to learn more.

BuildingMinds DigitalTwin Core

BuildingMinds empowers its customers to build a resilient, sustainable, and data-driven future for their real estate businesses with its real estate data platform with a plus.

Connect to the Platform’s Digital Twin, a highly comprehensive representation of building assets, with the BuildingMinds DigitalTwin Core Connector to use the platform as a single source of truth and update other applications with accurate information on sites and buildings using this connector. For example, get the addresses for buildings and sites and update your ERP system with the data.

Duncan Binger, Chief Technology Officer, BuildingMinds

Visit the BuildingMinds DigitalTwin Core connector documentation to learn more.

CyberProof Actions

CyberProof CDC is a next generation incident management and response platform for building Security Operations Centers (SOCs). The platform is a key component of advanced security operations centers – supporting SOC management, orchestration, and incident response. Connect to CyberProof CDC to manage your incidents and communicate with analysts, and automate incident response activities.

Visit the CyberProof connector documentation to learn more.

IA-Connect JML

If you’re looking to automate your Joiner, Mover and Leaver processes, this is the connector for you!  Our patented SaaS platform, IA-Connect: JML Edition, has been built with tight integration to Power Automate and includes a convenient connector to provide you with an easy and robust automation solution for your JML processes.

What makes us different?  IA-Connect: JML Edition blends Power Automate cloud flows with our advanced Robotic Process Automation technology and JML specific functionality to help you to automate your JML processes end-to-end, including legacy, bespoke and Citrix-hosted applications that are often too difficult to automate.

Amyn Jaffer, Ultima Labs Director

Visit the IA-Connect JML connector documentation to learn more.

Jedox OData Hub

Jedox is the world’s most adaptable planning and performance management solution. With the Jedox OData Hub Connector you can access data inside Jedox from Power Apps and run powerful integration tasks from Power Automate. Build Jedox into approvals and automation with just a couple of clicks. Visit the Jedox Knowledgebase to learn more. 
Niklas Gromann, Product Manager, Jedox GmbH

Visit the Jedox OData Hub connector documentation to learn more.

Knowledgeone RecFind6

The RecFind 6 Connector, RF6Connector, was designed specifically to integrate RecFind 6’s powerful EDRM functionality with SharePoint On-premises and Online. The marriage of the two products shares RecFind’s fully featured electronic document and records management system with your SharePoint system. Plus, you can use the new RF6 Connector to connect to any system via the MS Power Platform, not just SharePoint Online.

Frank McKenna, CEO & Sales & Marketing Director

Visit the Knowledgeone RecFind6 connector documentation to learn more.

Lansweeper App For Sentinel

The Integration of Lansweeper app on the MS Sentinel Platform implements the investigative actions and enables end-users to implement any use cases as a combination of the below-mentioned actions. Authorization: Authenticate the connection with Lansweeper APIs using the Authorization Token from Logic app. List Authorized Sites: Retrieve the list of the authorized sites. Hunt IP or Hunt MAC: Get the asset details from the Lansweeper platform for the given Site ID and IP address or MAC address.

Visit the Lansweeper App For Sentinel connector documentation to learn more.


nunify is a DIY Event Tech & Event App Builder Platform. Using nunify you can create registration forms, ticketing, onsite check-in, websites, mobile apps, gamification, audience engagement, livestream, social walls, surveys and much more.
With the nunify connector you can seamlessly sync attendee and check-in data back and forth between your nunify events and hundreds of other apps in the power apps platform.

Visit the nunify connector documentation to learn more.


Replicon is a self-driving professional services automation solution that uses advanced technology to analyze real-time data, and then delivers recommendations to help keep projects, resources, and finances on track. The connector allows you to continuously sync projects, tasks, and resource assignments from Project Online to Replicon and time data from Replicon to Project Online.

Visit the Replicon connector documentation to learn more.

Revelation helpdesk

The Revelation helpdesk connector allows you to create and update items in your helpdesk such as tickets, clients, users and assets by connecting to the Revelation helpdesk API using OAuth authentication. You can also take advantage of the extensive list of triggers allowing you to integrate your business processes based on events that occur in Revelation helpdesk.

Visit the Revelation helpdesk connector documentation to learn more.

TrueDialog SMS

TrueDialog is an innovative communications-as-a-service company. We build technology to power scalable, personalized messaging solutions that enable enterprise businesses and institutions to reach, engage with, and provide outstanding support to their valued customers, students and constituents. With the TrueDialog connector, you will be able to integrate text messaging (sending & receiving) into your business processes in a couple of clicks.

Visit the TrueDialog SMS connector documentation to learn more.


Automated and integrated solutions for e-signing enables smoother sales processes, contract management and customer support. The Verified connector supports tasks such as creating envelopes, adding documents, sending documents for signing, managing recipients, and staying in control of where you are in the signing processes. The Swedish SaaS provider Verified offers a wide range of e-signing solutions to global companies worldwide, including highly regulated organizations such as major banks and healthcare companies, and provides an API which enables communication with the e-signing services. The Verified connector has been built jointly with the Swedish based Microsoft Gold Partner CRM-Konsulterna (CRMK) and anyone with a Verified account can utilize it to get seamless integration of automated processes for e-signing into other systems.

Visit the Verified connector documentation to learn more.


Add SMS to your automated flows with the YakChat Power Automate Connector. Respond faster and save time by eliminating repetitive manual SMS tasks from your day-to-day operations. Use the YakChat connector to integrate SMS across your organization for auto-responses, text scheduling, custom integrations, and more to deliver an automated experience that adds real value for both your business and your audience.

David Ward, Founder, YakChat

Visit the YakChat connector documentation to learn more.

Updated Connectors

There are 15 connectors that have updates:

  1. Adobe PDF Services
  2. Airmeet
  3. airSlate
  4. Asite
  5. Asite (US Gov.)
  6. Datamotion
  7. DeskDirector
  8. Farsight DNSDB
  9. IA-Connect Dynamic Code
  10. IA-Connect Session
  11. Muhimbi PDF
  12. Power Form 7
  13. SignNow
  14. SurveyMonkey
  15. Timeghost

Below are few of the most significant updates.


The DataMotion connector bridges Power Automate’s capabilities with our secure message delivery API functionality. By connecting these elements, users automatically and securely send documents, images, files, and more to any valid email address. The connector also allows users to track the secure messages within workflows directly from Power Automate. In short, the DataMotion connector adds automated security and compliance to what was once a time-consuming and manual process for sending sensitive and personal information.

Visit Datamotion connector documentation to learn more.


SurveyMonkey is an AI-powered platform that empowers you to uncover insights in no time to make smart business decisions.  With the SurveyMonkey Power Automate Connector, you can automate critical workflows for a wide range of use cases and flow feedback data into key business apps to perform insights-powered and proactive actions faster.  Customize automated workflows based on survey responses to achieve desired outcomes effortlessly—whether improving customer satisfaction or increasing employee engagement.

Visit SurveyMonkey connector documentation to learn more.


The latest update for the timeghost Power Automate connector includes the option for users to set up time tags and project tags with the connector as well. And it adds the opportunity to manage users and user groups for projects via connector. Besides that it includes bug fixes e.g. for the permission settings in timeghost.

Visit Timeghost connector documentation to learn more.

Interested in submitting your connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.