Run a flow when a SharePoint column is modified

Power Automate and SharePoint can be combined to create numerous automations to match your business needs. But one of the most common requests we’ve gotten is to enable a way to trigger a flow when a column is modified. Today were glad to announce a new trigger and action that makes it simple for you to create flows based on list of file modifications .

New “When an item or file is modified” trigger.

With SharePoint lists and files, earlier you needed to rely on the When an item is created or modified trigger to get changes to an item. This meant that you had to add complex logic within your flow in order to get the exact event that took place within the list.

We’re now introducing a new dedicated “When an item or file is modified” trigger that lets you filter to just the list or file modifications, making it much simpler to create a flow that’s tuned to the right events.

New “Get changes to an item or file (properties only)” action.

The new trigger can be paired with the new Get changes to an item or file (properties only) action to get the exact set of changes that might have occurred to a list or file.

The action outputs helpful tokens such as “Has Colum Changed:<Column name>” that can be used to filter your flow to just the column(s) you care about


Note that in order for the action to function you need to enable versioning for your list or library.

Tutorial video

Here’s a video that walks through the new action and trigger in detail along with a sample scenario where you can use modifications to a list to notify you in Teams and create a work item in Azure DevOps

Check out our SharePoint connector documentation or the SharePoint Business apps and process automation documentation for more information on these new triggers and actions and all the other great processes you can enable with SharePoint and Power Automate. We are excited to hear about what you build!