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Power Automate helps you transform faster than ever before

With the pace of updates on the Power Automate service, it can be hard at times to stay current on what’s now available. In fact, there have been several substantial improvements over the last few months that help you and your organization move forward faster. Our great friends over at Microsoft Mechanics were mentioning how automation is one of the top interest areas from their subscribers, and we thought it would be great to do a quick walkthrough of these recent capabilities.

This video spans the whole automation lifecycle: from understanding how work happens in your organization to prioritizing multitude of automation opportunities from building these quickly with complex systems like SAP to tracking the overall return on investment for these automations. These have come up repeatedly in our discussions with customers, and in this walkthrough, we’ll walk through how you use Power Automate across the whole automation lifecycle, including the new desktop Process Mining capabilities in Minit:

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Microsoft Mechanics channel for the latest updates. In case you missed these, we covered the following topics earlier:

All of these are based on your feedback and great partnership.

Thank you and Happy Automating!