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Introducing Power Pages developer websites

As Power Pages steps into the next phase of its journey, we are happy to announce Power Pages developer websites which will allow both low code makers and pro developers a playground to develop, test and upskill themselves on Power Pages capabilities without the hassle of signing up for time bound trials.
Power Pages developer websites are a great way to start your Power Pages journey as a developer/low code maker as they offer:

  • Ability to create a website using Power Apps developer plan
  • Power pages developer websites don’t expire in 30 days and can be kept active for longer duration as long as they have active usage.
  • All the Power Pages features are available on developer websites.
  • There are no additional steps to configure a developer website. Going forward, all the websites created in developer environment would be automatically created as developer websites going forward.

While developer websites will offer all the same features as standard Power Pages websites, however they are not optimized for production sites and hence comes with certain restrictions*:

  • Power Pages developer websites are Private by default and cannot be made public.
  • Power Pages developer websites cannot be converted to production sites.
  • Each developer environment can only have one developer website
  • Websites which are inactive for last 30 days are automatically suspended and deleted after next 7 days.

    As usual, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback and are really excited to see more people join us on this Power Pages journey!