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[Public Preview] Introducing the modern list for Power Pages

We’re excited to announce modernization in data presentation on Power Pages sites with the availability of modern list in public preview, which offers refreshed visual appearance and enhanced performance compared to the classic list. 
The List is one of the commonly used data bound controls in Power Pages sites and helps display data in a tabular format allowing traversal through the data records with ease. The modern list would help make visually appealing and intuitive Power Pages sites.  It is available as an out-of-the-box (OOB) control in the Power Pages studio with a dedicated design section to help you customize your list and align with your site’s theme. 
The classic list often lacks the flexibility and interactivity demanded by today’s fast-paced world to customize and make the data more presentable for the end user.  

Classic list configuration and site experience.

With Fluent V9 availability, we have modernized the default look and feel of the classic list including the loading experience, how the filters are applied, how an end user will traverse through a long list of records, and how the maker can customize the look and feel in studio. 
What does the modern list offer? 

  • Intuitive and visually refreshed UX: Visually refreshed OOB modern list. 
  • Better performance: Reduced loading time of the list and wait for the Power Pages site user. 
  • New loading experience: New loading animation before the modern list data displays.
  • Infinite scroll: Content automatically loads at the bottom of the list when the users scroll. 
  • Inline filters: Filters are available by default for all columns in the list view.
  • Low code styling: modern list can be styled via the Pages Studio using multiple properties in the design section at Standard, Header, and Row levels.
  • Improved productivity: Styling used on a modern list can be copied and pasted for another modern list with simple steps. 


Modern list configuration and site user experience.

How do I enable this feature? 
Enabling modern list in your Power Pages site would just require you to switch on a toggle button as shown below. There are no other changes to the existing list configuration in Power Pages.
The Classic List control is still being supported and will be chosen for use if you do not opt-in for the modern list control. 

Enabling the modern list. 

Join us on the journey 
 We invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us as we embrace the future of list creation in Power Pages. Try out the modern list experience today and discover visually refreshed UI, better performance, and low/no code capability for styling in Studio without the need for writing a single line of code. 
 Read more about this preview feature in our documentation here. Please provide your feedback and ideas about improving Power Pages on the Power Pages Ideas forum. 

  1. Will existing/classic list work for makers and end users? 
    • Yes, the classic list control would still be supported and can be used if you do not opt-in for the modern list.     
  2. How would I enable modern list in Power Pages site?
    • Modern list can be enabled by using a toggle button while adding a list to an existing site or a new site. 
  3. Is low/no code styling capability for lists valid only for the modern list?
    • Yes, it is available only for the modern list.