Power up your site creation with new design studio capabilities

We are excited to announce key no-code capabilities to Power Pages design studio. These changes help you build sites faster while giving you more control to further customize the look and feel of your pages.

Try all of these new capabilities today at http://make.powerpages.microsoft.com.

Here are some of the new features that are now available:

Undo/Redo in the Pages workspace is available as a Public Preview

Have you ever wished you could undo an action in the Pages workspace? Now you can! In the Pages workspace, use the undo/redo buttons or standard keyboard commands like Ctrl+Z/Y (Windows). If you make a mistake while building your site or accidentally delete a page, section, or component, just click Undo to get it back!

This feature is currently available in Public Preview, so please use the feedback button next to the undo/redo buttons to share any feedback you have.

More information: Undo/Redo (preview)

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Section Background Image controls

Now you can adjust the size (original, fill, fit, or tile) and position of section background images. This is especially useful when you’re working with images that don’t fit perfectly into a section.

To use this feature, select a section with a background image. Select the Edit Background button in the toolbar to display options to change the size and position of the background image.

More information: Editing a section

Design controls for Sections, Text, Image, and Video components

We’ve introduced new design controls to help you customize the look and feel of your pages. You can now customize styles like background colors, shadows, borders, and rounded corners directly in design studio.

To access this feature, select a section or supported component and choose the paintbrush button in the toolbar. Preview changes as you make them and reverse any action by using the Undo or Redo buttons.

More information: Using the editor

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Add hyperlinks to Text and Images

You don’t need to use custom code to add links to Text and Image components anymore. You can now use design studio to link to any URL or page within your site and choose whether to open the link in a new tab. You can also customize individual Text link styles on top of the global styles set in the Styling workspace.

To access this feature, select a Text or Image component and choose the link icon in the toolbar to add or edit a link.

More information:

Add a link to an image

Create a link within a Text Component

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Drag & Drop

Rearranging elements on a page is now as easy as clicking your mouse. Drag & Drop columns, sections, and components on a page to quickly experiment with different layouts.

To start dragging an object, left click and hold down the mouse button, or press the space bar while the object is in focus. Blue lines will appear to show you where you can drop the object.

More information:  Using the editor

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We hope you enjoy these new features and find them useful for creating more engaging sites with Power Pages design studio. We would love to hear your feedback and see what you create with them. Please share your thoughts and questions with us on our community forum.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!