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Revolutionize business websites with Copilot in Power Pages

Today at Microsoft Build, we are thrilled to share new features and capabilities for Microsoft Power Pages. Next-generation AI enhancements via Copilot in Power Pages, now in public preview (in North America only), is revolutionizing how to build and launch data-centric business websites.

Developers will be able to leverage these AI-enabled enhancements in Power Pages to jump-start their journey of ideation and building of impactful, secure external website-based services to better respond and serve their customers.

We’ll dive deeper into our latest Power Pages announcements so you can get started today.

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Revolutionize your website building process with Copilot in Power Pages

Rev up your web development process with Copilot in Power Pages. Generate text, build detailed forms and chatbots—all in a matter of minutes. Leverage the power of natural language input and intelligent suggestions for unparalleled efficiency. Welcome to a new era of productivity with Copilot.

The power to transform simple descriptions into text content not only slashes your development time but also puts customizability at your fingertips. Adjust the message, tone, and length effortlessly with a click or specific instruction. It’s content creation, redefined.

Simplify your form building process using Copilot in Power Pages too. Just specify the form type, and Copilot will auto-generate tables in Microsoft Dataverse, creating the corresponding forms. You also have the flexibility to adjust, add, or fine-tune fields using natural language input. It’s a more streamlined approach to form creation.

Create contextual chatbots in Power Pages with generative answers

Power Pages empowers site admins with the integration of Copilot chatbot activation. Seamlessly add a Power Virtual Agents chatbot with generative answers via a simplified experience within the setup workspace, streamlining your website management process. For your website visitors, this feature enhances their interaction with your site, allowing them to ask natural language questions and receive concise responses complete with relevant links to optimize both administrative functionality and website engagement experiences.

Copilot in Power Pages also has many upcoming AI capabilities—such as page creation, site theming, and image generation—launching in summer 2023.

Connect to data anywhere with virtual table and Power Automate integration in Power Pages

Announcing virtual table and Power Automate integration, now in public preview, helping developers build websites that connect to a wide variety of business data sources.

Developers now have the ability to trigger a Power Automate cloud flow from web page events. The cloud flows can integrate with external applications or automate their processes by utilizing more than 1,000 prebuilt and custom connectors available in Microsoft Power Platform. Virtual tables are tables in Dataverse that contain data from an external data source, such as SQL Server or SharePoint, without data replication. Virtual tables appear and behave like native Dataverse tables, allowing all studio data components to bind to the source. This allows developers to easily create rich websites connected to a virtual table.

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Learn more about external data integration in Power Pages.

Introducing developer websites for Power Pages

Power Pages provides ease of use and ease of mind to developers looking to build well-designed, customizable, and secure sites. It now supports developer environments with a special new type of site, which adds capabilities to not only enable developers to learn about Power Pages, but also use application lifecycle management (ALM) best practices to enable large teams to work together.

To help developers upskill in Power Pages, we are launching support for developer environments, which will now allow developers to create a new special type of site called developer websites. Developer websites do not have time-bound expiration dates like trials, so developers can freely develop and test Power Pages websites.

Allowing low-code makers to configure developer components helps large teams scale. Makers can now configure Power Apps component framework (PCF) code components in form fields and web pages from the design studio. Web templates help create custom page layouts and custom functionality. With this release, developers can now create a manifest that specifies which web template properties are editable in the low-code design studio. With these improvements, makers and developers can work together to customize and extend Power Pages sites.  

We’re also enabling simplified Microsoft Power Platform solution-based ALM support, which will help users import and export website artifacts. With solution awareness for Power Pages, site configuration becomes portable, making it effortless to move a site and its components from one environment to another, thereby simplifying ALM for complex websites.

Helping administrators securely control website data

It has always been important that developers can depend on the enterprise-grade security of the Power Platform. That’s why we’re excited to share new capabilities in Power Pages that help administrators govern with more ease.

With this update, we are enabling a key data loss prevention (DLP) capability, which will allow Microsoft Power Platform admins to control if a website’s data is available anonymously. Using this governance control, admins can enforce a data policy (using a tenant setting) to block anonymous access in Power Pages and avoid accidental exposure of their organizational data. This capability will enable admins to govern the Power Pages websites created in their tenant more effectively.

All of these Power Pages feature enhancements will begin rolling out during Microsoft Build and throughout summer 2023, so stay tuned.

Power Pages continues to help organizations build websites and scale around the world

Check out some of our latest customer story highlights.

  • NJDCA (New Jersey Department of Community Affairs) overhauls its web presence to better serve its constituents. Using the Power Pages platform, NJDCA rolled out several services to their diverse pool of constituents, which resulted in more efficiency for them and a better, more modern around the clock experience for their constituents.
  • Kelly transforms its customer service experience to better support talent sourcing. Staffing giant Kelly was able to streamline its staffing process with the creation of client portals so customers could make requests, chat with customer service, see performance reporting, and access business insights—all with the help of Power Pages as a one-stop shop.

Get started with Power Pages today

These new Power Pages AI capabilities, low-code innovations, and sophisticated tooling to aid developers will help your business accelerate development, increasing your efficiency and speed of creating websites that scale. The possibilities are unlimited. Just think it, describe it, and Power Pages will help you build it. Here’s how to get started: