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Create custom data visualizations for Power BI

Visualize data your way, with our rich library of fully customizable, open-source data visualization tools. Use the Power BI visuals SDK to create stunning data visualizations based on well-known JavaScript libraries such as D3, jQuery, and even R-language scripts. Test and debug on the fly and package into redistributable visuals for use with all Power BI products. Share the data visualizations you've created within your organization, deliver them to your clients and customers, or share them with the world on AppSource.

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Get started with Power BI visuals

1. Use developer tools to create Power BI custom visuals

Create your data visualizations using the Power BI visuals SDK—an open-source, command-line tool based on NodeJS and available on GitHub.

2. Test, debug, and package your Power BI visuals

Learn how to test and debug your data visualizations and prepare them for use in Power BI Desktop or for distribution via AppSource.

3. Get your Power BI visuals certified by Microsoft

With certification, you’ll be able to export your visuals to PowerPoint and display them in emails, along with other capabilities.

4. Share your Power BI visuals on AppSource

Share your creations with the world and reach millions of users by publishing your data visualizations to AppSource.

Become a Power BI visuals partner

Once you've mastered Power BI visuals, use your expertise to offer services such as implementation and training through our AppSource partner program.

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Find Power BI visuals apps and add-ins

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Download and read the guidelines

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Start publishing your apps

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