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Framework practices

Getting started

Secure Supply Chain Consumption Framework (S2C2F)

The Secure Supply Chain Consumption Framework (S2C2F) Framework is a combination of processes and tools for any organization to adopt to help establish a secure OSS ingestion pipeline to protect developers from OSS Supply Chain threats, and to establish a governance program to manage your organization’s use of OSS.
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Maturity Model

The S2C2F is made up of 8 practices, but not all practices can be done all at once. Adopting the S2C2F will go through levels of maturity so you can prioritize the requirements.

Open Source Software Threats

The S2C2F provides the support to protect your supply chains from real-life threats from compromising your organization's software and development environment.
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Consulting Services

Discover how Microsoft Industry Solutions can help you adopt and implement the S2C2F.


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