Data warehouse.

Evolve to a modern data warehouse

Capture the new opportunities of big data through SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft big data and data warehousing solutions. Manage the increasing volume of real-time data, bring cloud scalability, and analyze all your data—without moving it.

Benefits of a Microsoft modern data warehouse

Square chart showing on-premises and cloud on Y-axis and relational and beyond relational on X-axis. Cross section of on-premises + relational products = SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2016 Fast Track, Analytics Platform System; cloud + relational products = Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines, SQL Server 2016 Fast Track for Azure Virtual Machines; cloud + beyond relational products = Azure Data Lake, Azure HDinsight, Azure Marketplace Hortonwords, Cloudera, MapR; on-premises + beyond relational =  3rd Party Hadoop Distributions Hortonworks, Cloudera.

Choose from a complete set of Microsoft modern data warehouse solutions

Get more flexibility for your big data needs. Choose the deployment option that fits each of your workloads best—from SQL Server to Hadoop, on-premises to the cloud.

Get a free Azure SQL Data Warehouse trialLearn more about SQL Server reference architecture for data warehousing

Data warehousing resources

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