Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers

Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers are available throughout the U.S. to show you how to use accessibility features and to find the right assistive technology products.

Centers can provide demonstrations and accessibility tutorials for Microsoft products and services, including Microsoft Windows and Office. And, you can find accessibility experts to answer your questions.

Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers

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To find a center near you, select a state name from the list below. Addresses of participating centers will be displayed.

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Not a center in your area? Similar centers are available through the Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) or the Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP).

Disclaimer: Microsoft does not in any way endorse the organizations listed nor take responsibility for the accuracy of information these centers supply or the descriptions of their services. This is not a comprehensive listing of all accessibility services available.

More Information

  • More Accessibility Centers are located around the world to help individuals find the right mix of accessibility features and products.