Lauv tackles modern loneliness

Lauv tapped technology to bring together friends—like fellow musicians Alessia Cara and Anne-Marie—to talk about mental health in times of isolation.

As an artist, Lauv (aka Ari Leff) has been open about the importance of mental health awareness, as well as his own experience with depression and anxiety. His music is a vital outlet for his feelings, and fans worldwide have connected with his songs about loneliness, love, and loss.

Reaching out, sharing thoughts, and taking care of ourselves

Lauv has been asking himself the same questions as many of us, including his friends and creative collaborators: how to stay connected and balanced in these extraordinary times of social isolation. That’s why he brought some of them together (remotely, of course) for a discussion. Lauv’s Blue Boy Foundation presented Breaking Modern Loneliness: A Conversation on Mental Health, a livestreamed panel talk on May 1st.

Coinciding with the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month, the discussion brought Lauv together with collaborators Alessia Cara (“Canada”), Anne-Marie (“**** I’m Lonely”), and Sofía Reyes (“El Tejano”) to chat with Michelle Carlson, Executive Director of Teen Line, about how they’re dealing with social distancing. They talk about coping strategies, creative outlets, online resources, and ways we can support each other as a community during this time. (Watch the full video below.)

“Even though it can seem like we’e alone in the things we are feeling, there are millions of other people going through the same thing,” says Lauv. A valuable reminder.

Lauv wanted to give fans a similar outlet, prompting him to launch a digital destination for catharsis and connection: My Blue Thoughts. Fans from across the globe have used the site to share what’s on their mind, as well as find others who might be going through something similar.

And now, sharing feelings and finding connections to support our mental health is arguably more important than ever.

Wearing a white tank top and sneakers, with subtly multi-colored trousers, Lauv sits cross-legged with his elbows on his knees and fists under his chin, staring at the camera.

“Music has been my way to figure out what’s subconsciously going on with myself. I go in, and it’s really therapeutic. I’m the type of person who just feels more comfortable when I’m an open book.”

– Lauv

What’s happening in the world right now

Nothing quite like this current pandemic has happened in our lifetimes. Social distancing has become a new, life-saving norm. But this isolation can be difficult—we might be feeling confused, anxious, or scared. Or, we might find ourselves bored and unsure of what to do now that our everyday routines have been disrupted.

So, what can we do to stop social distancing from making us feel lonely and isolated?

My Blue Thoughts

MyBlueThoughts.World is also available as a resource. Upload an audio or written message along with an avatar to anonymously share your feelings. Microsoft AI will analyze your message for keywords, and find related messages from others around the world, forging new connections and proving that we are less alone than we may think—even in these challenging times. Blue Boy Foundation has also shared suggestions for staying grounded and aware while we are together, apart. Find those tips at MyBlueThoughts.World, too.

Lauv uses his index finger to navigate around the interactive My Blue Thoughts website. He's washed in a blue glow.

Finding connection and catharsis with Lauv

Independent artist Lauv created My Blue Thoughts, a powerful AI-enhanced experience, to helps fans connect and share their emotions. “Even though it can seem like we are alone in the things we are feeling, there are millions of other people going through the same thing.”