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Posted: 6/25/2013
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SherWeb Hosted Service Provider Delivers Superior Support and IT Savings with Cloud Solutions

SherWeb, named 2013 world hosting partner of the year by Microsoft, offers hosted email and collaboration solutions built on Microsoft products and technologies, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft Lync Server, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. SherWeb helps to address the challenges that many small to midsize businesses face by providing familiar, reliable products and adaptable solutions that are available at a competitive price and come with outstanding customer support.

Business Needs
SherWeb has positioned itself as an innovative leader in worldwide hosting services in the cloud industry by supplying versatile solutions and great customer care and technical support. “SherWeb’s mission is to provide businesses around the world with innovative email and collaboration solutions in the cloud, with the best support in the industry,” says Peter Cassar, Chief Executive Officer at SherWeb. “The customer experience is what drives our work. We want them to trust SherWeb to help their business thrive by deploying the best IT solutions with unmatched support.”

SherWeb recognized that many small to midsize companies were looking for a technology partner to help them ease the transition to cloud computing. Cloud services are still somewhat new, and SherWeb learned that many smaller businesses were hesitant about moving their communication and collaboration tools to the cloud. Each customer is unique, with varied priorities. Some businesses needed more services than others and were frustrated by solution providers that didn’t offer packaged solutions to meet their diverse needs. For example, DIVERSEcity, a nonprofit organization and SherWeb customer, found that maintaining an IMAP (Internet message access protocol) email solution was costly and did not offer shared resources capabilities for calendars and to book meeting rooms for clients. Web mail and syncing were additional capabilities that customers needed.

* The customer experience is what drives our work. We want them to trust SherWeb to help their business thrive by deploying the best IT solutions with unmatched support. *

Peter Cassar
Executive Officer, SherWeb

In addition to getting the right functionality at the right price, many organizations need migration support while implementing a new cloud solution. With limited resources, customers were looking for a partner who could help minimize costs and provide superior customer service throughout a transition.

To meet the needs of customers, SherWeb teamed with Microsoft to provide partner-hosted email and collaboration capabilities via Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft Lync Server, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In 2013, SherWeb joined the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program (TAP) and became one of the first Microsoft partners to offer hosted email solutions built on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. “SherWeb has always put a great emphasis on innovation. That’s why we were able to be one of the first providers worldwide to offer a hosted version of Exchange 2013 back in October 2012,” says Matthew Cassar, President of SherWeb. “Our team is working tirelessly, day in and day out, to stay ahead of the curve and bring our solutions to a whole new level.”

The most popular hosted service for SherWeb is Microsoft hosted Exchange. By providing Exchange Server as a hosted service, SherWeb can offer its customers a complete, familiar email solution. The Microsoft Outlook messaging and collaboration client, which is the user interface for Exchange Server, is widely used, and the majority of users are accustomed to the application.

To meet the varied needs of customers, SherWeb offers three levels of service with its hosted Exchange offering: Standard, Professional, and Business. Each level offers increased mailbox size and additional features. The Professional package includes hosted SharePoint for collaboration and hosted Lync for instant messaging. The Business level adds on hosted Lync audio and videoconferencing, archiving, and encryption services. SherWeb also offers stand-alone offerings for hosted SharePoint or Lync.

Through its partnership with Microsoft, SherWeb is able to offer migration support, user training, and ongoing administrative support. “We have a Microsoft Certified Master for Exchange Server on our team,” says Rima Hatoum, Product Marketing Manager at SherWeb. “He attended a three-week training program at Microsoft to become a Microsoft Exchange Server expert.” SherWeb also has a migration team that is dedicated to supporting all of its hosted services customers throughout the implementation and migration.

By offering a suite of hosted services based on Microsoft technologies, SherWeb and its customers are benefitting in the following ways:
  • Familiar, reliable solutions that minimize downtime. Many users have some experience with Microsoft productivity solutions, which offer a sense of familiarity and require less training. Hosted Exchange runs on multiple servers, which protect customers from downtime. SherWeb servers are independent and self-monitoring. If one server experiences a slowdown, it automatically moves users to another server to retain productivity.

  • Service options to fit a variety of needs. SherWeb built service level plans for cloud services based on what customers need. “SherWeb hosting is different from the public cloud in many ways,” says Hatoum. “For example, our hosting solutions allow for flexibility that is often not available from other Hosted Exchange providers in a multitenant environment.” 

  • Savings in IT time and costs. “The savings was significant,” says Vivek Thoda, Manager of Information Technology at DIVERSEcity. “In terms of just the migration assistance, I would estimate that we were able to save approximately [US]$9,000 in time and labor costs because our IT team didn’t have to complete the migration ourselves. Many public cloud offerings, such as Google, don’t offer that level of support.”

    Also, the service plan that SherWeb provided allows an annual savings of $5,000 in user account costs over the nonprofit’s previous solution. And having a local hosting provider helps DIVERSEcity meet government guidelines and regulations for Canadian nonprofits, which require services to be hosted in Canada.

  • Strong support and partnership. SherWeb finds it beneficial to team up with Microsoft to offer hosted solutions. “It makes your job a little easier when you have a partner like Microsoft backing you up,” says Hatoum. “Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync offer the features and capabilities that customers want and need, and the company behind the product supports you and your customers.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 150 employees

Partner Profile

Founded in 1998, SherWeb provides hosted business-class email and collaboration solutions and comprehensive customer service to small and midsize businesses in more than 100 countries.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Lync Server 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

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