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Posted: 2/26/2010
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First American Title Insurance Company First American Reduces Costs with Streamlined Identity and Access Management

“With Forefront Identity Manager, we are able to streamline tactical processes, while at the same time provide strategic business value through a cohesive identity and access management solution.”
—Scott Weir, IT Manager–Desktop Architecture, First American Title  Insurance Company

Business Needs

First American Title Insurance Company, part of The First American Corporation, used a variety of time-consuming and costly manual processes for provisioning users, including granting access rights to employees. The company also relied on disparate data sources to manage employee identities. In addition, it had no rationale for managing ongoing access. For instance, the company did not have a systematic process to remove access when an employee changed job roles or terminated employment.


As part of a standardization project to consolidate its decentralized IT infrastructure, First American implemented Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 for all 13,500 employees based in the United States. 

The company aggregates employee data from its human resources and payroll systems and uses Forefront Identity Manager 2010 to synchronize that data with its Active Directory Domain Services directories, enabling the company to automatically provision users and grant access to systems based on the user’s role.


  • First American streamlined its internal auditing process and improved compliance for regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • The company has granular control over its user management life cycle and can automatically provision and deprovision users.
  • With a single repository of accurate employee data, the corporate communications team can disseminate targeted, critical information in a timely fashion.
  • By automating provisioning processes, and by enabling self-service functions, First American will be able to reduce calls to the IT help desk—representing a conservative savings of U.S.$66,000 annually.


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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 17000 employees

Organization Profile

Santa Ana, California–based First American Title Insurance Company, one of the largest title insurers in the United States, offers title services through direct operations and a network of agents in the United States and abroad. It provides comprehensive title services that help to produce clear property titles and enable efficient real estate transfers.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010
  • Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services

Vertical Industries
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services

United States

Business Need
Cloud & Server Platform

IT Issue
  • Identity, Security and Access Management
  • Regulatory Compliance and Controls