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Posted: 4/23/2010
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Vernon Hills Police Department Police Department Saves Money and Supports Officers with Video Recording Technology

The Vernon Hills Police Department wanted to support the work of its field officers by installing in-vehicle video recording systems in police cars. After evaluating available solutions, the department chose the Mobile Video Platform from Modularis, in conjunction with the Windows 7 operating system and the Windows Azure cloud computing platform. The solution has saved the city money and has become an invaluable job tool for field officers.

Business Needs
The Police Department in Vernon Hills, Illinois serves an estimated daytime population of over 80,000 people, and it is responsible for the security of the largest retail hub in Lake County. The Police Department helps ensure the safety and well-being of the village’s residents by adopting innovative policing techniques and technologies.

Many police agencies lack in-vehicle video surveillance and digital video recording capabilities, or they have disconnected point-solutions for video capture that provide limited flexibility and storage. To increase officer safety and productivity, and to increase situational awareness for officers and commanders, the Vernon Hills Police Department wanted to outfit its 36 police cars with a complete video solution. The department felt that an appropriate solution should:

  • Be highly automated, with a streamlined user experience so that officers could use it quickly and effectively with little or no training.
  • Integrate with all major in-vehicle systems including emergency lights, brakes, weapon locks, GPS, radar and light detection and ranging (LIDAR), and mobile computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and records.
  • Enable remote viewing of live video and data and automatically and wirelessly upload recorded video at the end of each shift.
  • Ensure that recorded video and data is secure and treated as digital evidence and maintain proper chain of custody.
    Work with different camera and interface hardware and software to support all the department’s vehicle configurations.

After completing an extensive evaluation of available products, the Vernon Hills Police Department decided that the Modularis Mobile Video Platform (MVP) was the best solution on the market and the right choice for the department. Created by Modularis and hardware partner KCI Communications, MVP is a highly flexible and connected in-vehicle video system that delivers capabilities beyond that of simple digital video recorder solutions.

* MVP allows us to leverage our existing capital investments in hardware to provide us with an efficient, cost-effective solution to our video capture needs. *

Mark G. Fleischhauer
Chief of Police, Vernon Hills Police Department


The Vernon Hills Police Department worked with Modularis to install the MVP system in all agency patrol vehicles. Each car’s video system is connected via a secure wireless link to an MVP Repository server using Windows Azure platform cloud computing technology for video evidence archiving and dissemination. The MVP hardware runs the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system, and the software is built using the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. The MVP system integrates with in-vehicle systems such as lights, sirens, brakes, radar, LIDAR, and GPS, as well as mobile CAD and records systems.

Officers in the Vernon Hills Police Department have found that the MVP touch interface is intuitive and simple to understand, requires very little training, and makes ordinarily complex operations extremely easy for officers in the field.

The system has been successfully deployed in the police department for nearly a year, and it has been readily accepted by field officers who now consider it an invaluable daily-use tool. “We are extremely excited about the use of Windows Azure,” says Bill Price, Deputy Chief at the Vernon Hills Police Department. “It provides a secure, stable, and robust storage mechanism for video archival and retrieval that we would otherwise have needed to invest significant dollars to build. It also provides a mechanism to control dissemination of digital evidence.”

The Vernon Hills Police Department has given its officers a valuable, user-friendly tool to help protect the village’s citizens and businesses, and with the Mobile Video Platform it is saving the city money and better managing digital evidence.

Ease of Use
It was important to the city that any video solution be easy to use, and officers have found that MVP fits the bill. “MVP has proven to be a very stable platform while providing us with flexibility and ease of use,” says Mark G. Fleischhauer, Chief of Police at the Vernon Hills Police Department. “We are pleased to have been asked to pilot the new MVP version on our streets and highways.”

A Cost-Effective Solution
By choosing the MVP solution in conjunction with Windows 7 and the Windows Azure platform, the Vernon Hills Police Department is saving money. “MVP allows us to leverage our existing capital investments in hardware to provide us with an efficient, cost-effective solution to our video capture needs,” says Fleischhauer.

Better Control of Video Evidence
The Vernon Hills Police Department now has a secure and cost-effective digital evidence management solution. “With MVP, we can ensure an end-to-end chain of custody for captured digital evidence,” says Price. “That is a concern that is often overlooked when considering solutions of this type.”

About Modularis
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Modularis is a leading creator of public safety technology, including the Modularis Mobile Video Platform and Modularis Criminal Investigation System. Modularis serves business and government via Microsoft .NET technologies and the Modularis Accelerator Enterprise Application Platform. For more information, visit:

About KCI Communications
KCI Communications is a leader in communications equipment and digital video recording technology. For more information, visit:

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 70 employees

Organization Profile

The Vernon Hills Police Department protects and serves the citizens of the village, which is located 35 miles northwest of Chicago, Illinois.

Software and Services
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Bing

Vertical Industries
Local Government Agencies

United States

Business Need
Cloud & Server Platform