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Posted: 12/5/2012
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The Travel Corporation Global Travel Group Centralises Sales and CRM to Better Understand Customers

The Travel Corporation is an international travel group with 24 award-winning brands, the largest of which—Trafalgar—was established in the 1940s. It operates in 60 countries and has more than 35 offices and 4,000 employees serving around 1 million customers a year. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the firm now has a comprehensive sales and customer relationship management (CRM) system, helping it provide a better service.

Business Needs

With so many teams operating in different countries, it was a major challenge for The Travel Corporation to establish common business processes and consistent reporting—both of which are vital to help its business run smoothly and grow.

Alan Cox, Information Management Director at The Travel Corporation, says: “Without consistent tracking of sales activities and communications, we couldn't tell which were most effective at generating additional revenue.”

As for its customers, with so much information captured at numerous touch-points in different systems, understanding their transaction history, personal preferences, and future plans was also a major challenge. “Previously, it simply wasn't possible to capture all this information into a comprehensive customer profile,” says Cox.

The Travel Corporation needed a centralised automated sales system and a customer management system to understand and influence its customers—a significant challenge, given the size and global reach of the company.


The Travel Corporation chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help it reorganise and run its sales management and customer service operations. Across the company there are 500 users of the business management solution.

“We started in 2006 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, providing a business-to business element for our sales managers. This gave them the ability to assign agencies and agents to territories and record details of their activities—plus, they could produce sales and management reports to highlight the activities of the agencies in their area,” says Cox. “Today, we’re using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, and we’ve recently implemented centralised tools for our sales managers and customer service teams so we can handle customer feedback more effectively.”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also provides a centralised dashboard for the executives so they can see sales figures and management information at a glance.


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, The Travel Corporation can easily identify who its top-selling agents are globally, which brochures and sales tools they use, and which products they sell. The firm also benefits from comprehensive sales and management reporting and tracking systems. Most importantly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps The Travel Corporation get to know its customers better.

Centralised sales and management information. Staff have access to a single solution with tailored access rights and centralised information that makes it easier to identify and focus on the most effective activities. “With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it’s all centralised, backed up, managed, and consistent—giving us control across all our brands and regions,” says Cox. “We can understand behaviours and trends, and recognise people who are doing repeat business with us, and then tailor future sales activities accordingly.”

Enhanced sales forecasting. The sales teams at The Travel Corporation are now able to map their plans into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, making it easy to track performance against targets. This information is used by senior management, sales managers, and individual sales staff. Cox says: “We can look over the year’s sales, set targets at a territory or key partner level, and then monitor progress towards those targets.”

Improved sales planning. Executives now have full visibility and can better prepare for meetings with key partners. Sales managers also have more information to hand when visiting agencies. For example, they can check the latest sales figures and be aware of the status of any customer service issues, helping them maximise their time during visits. An added bonus is the integration with Microsoft Streets & Trips for itinerary issues, such as route planning and mileage.

Personalised communications. The Travel Corporation brands receive many customer requests via their websites and feedback from customer surveys. In the past, it was not always feasible to make sure that these were forwarded to the relevant travel agency, especially in a timely manner. Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables an immediate notification to be sent to the travel agent to follow up these important leads. “We can now send out personalised emails to customers about their trips, co-branded with our agent. This makes us all look good—and it’s a better experience for customers,” says Cox. “It’s no surprise that our analytics show improved deliverability and open rates.”

Better customer profiles. All customer information is recorded in one place and over time this becomes a valuable source of intelligence. “With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we can better understand our customers’ activities, their behaviour, and their preferences. As a result, we can customise and tailor marketing communications to them,” says Cox.

Automated processes. Automated workflow functionality has reduced the time and resources spent on administration. For example, the assignment of a new travel agency to the relevant sales agents used to be carried out by regional managers. Now, the assignment is made automatically based on predefined criteria. Cox says: “With Microsoft Dynamics CRM we’re a far more effective organisation and our customers enjoy a more timely, personalized, and relevant experience.”

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Organization Size: 4000 employees

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The Travel Corporation is an international travel company operating in 60 countries. The firm has three types of customers—travel agencies, travel consultants, and consumers.

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