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Posted: 6/6/2013
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WorldMatch Limited Developer Creates First Online Gaming Platform based on Turnkey Cloud

The WorldMatch Cloud Gaming Center provides online gaming operators the ability to connect the most demanding gaming products, optimizing and monitoring operations more efficiently. This online solution is powered by a Cloud Infrastructure platform from Microsoft Partner BMIT Limited. Gaming operators find it more cost effective, achieving higher agility in managing their gaming content by focusing on their customers rather than their infrastructure.

* Using Microsoft technologies for several components was the best choice for us to have low time to market, deploying applications on servers, and I consider Visual Studio to be the best development tool on the market. *

Alessandro Fried
WorldMatch Limited

Business Needs

The online gaming world continues to expand by orders of magnitude with more people joining more games than ever before. The software that drives these games, manages the players, offers loyalty and fidelity rewards, bonus campaigns, VIP programs, game stores, tracks scores across multiple locations, and thereby brings revenue to the gaming operators is most effectively developed and executed on a superior online gaming platform.

The right platform also needs to deliver truly secure transactions, multiple flexible commission plans, risk mitigation, anti-fraud detection, and robust affiliate reporting.

WorldMatch has been specializing in the design and delivery of online gaming platform software since 2003 and was the first gambling platform provider regularly authorized by a country in the European community, with a class 4 license issued by LGA, the Maltese Lotteries & Gaming Authority.

Having introduced an Adobe Flash-based game bundle in 2004, WorldMatch spent the next five years developing and, in 2009, launched a state-of-the-art, flexible management software solution for e-gaming operators that could meet any need or request by operators in the field. The platform allows them to manage all products and services with one tool, and complies with the jurisdiction of any European country.

As games became more complex, and the management requirements to operate them became substantially more sophisticated, WorldMatch realized they needed to improve the platform with a superior database backend and better interoperability with the various tools, platforms, and operating environments the gaming operators were bringing to the table.


“We selected .NET because it is the best technology for server components,” explains Michele Nodari, CTO of WorldMatch Limited. “We have a great tool to make the code available, good technologies to have a good stack for communication services. We are using a Windows communication foundation as the main technology in our solution. We have chosen SQL Server 2012 as our database server because we it was the obvious solution to get the best performance from .NET.”

“Consider that our platform needs to integrate with a lot of partner platforms and technologies, so .NET gives us the best approach to the best interoperability,” adds Riccardo Golia MVP and WorldMatch Senior developer. “With .NET we’re able to communicate with non-Microsoft technologies like Flash, PhP, and Java. We need to have great accountability because we have a large amount of data produced every day, a lot of transactions. This was a good approach for us to design all of our services.”

Alessandro Fried, CEO of WorldMatch Limited, also points out that the Microsoft platform provides an excellent solution for productivity as well. “Using Microsoft technologies for several components was the best choice for us in order to have low time to market, in deploying applications on servers, and I consider Visual Studio to be the best development tool on the market,” comments Fried, adding “For us it’s important not only the technology used on the server and in production but also the technology used while working every day. This was important for us when we made the choice of technologies from the beginning.”


Using the .NET development platform with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 as the backend database has provided World Match with the stable, high-performance engine they envisioned, while also delivering a highly productive environment for their developers, their operations team, and their gaming operator clients.

According to Nick Tonna, BMIT Chief Commercial Officer, “BMIT’s Cloud Platform provides the ability to provision computing infrastructure instantaneously and to monitor and adjust usage of resources in real-time whilst paying according to utilization. This flexibility brings significant benefits to customers such as Worldatch”.

Some of the advantages realized include:

• New online gaming operators can implement and be up and running far faster than ever before.

• With all of the benefits, WorldMatch also achieved a significantly reduced infrastructure investment which extends to their gaming operators as well.

• The combination of .NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 provides the WorldMatch operations team with far greater manageability over performance, identification of anomalies, and quality assurance.

• The ability to activate any Game in real time, speeding time-to-value for gaming operators.

• The WorldMatch system makes it easy for gaming operators to implement revenue-boosting features such as player fidelity programs, bonus campaigns, VIP program, white labels and affiliates.

• WorldMatch enables their gaming operators to closely manage money and mitigate risk using powerful features like their Anti-Fraud system and Payment Gateway.

• They can deliver full integration with affiliates, no matter what platform they may be using, to support varying commission plans, affiliate reports, and player management.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 49 employees

Organization Profile

Based in Malta, WorldMatch provides innovative cloud-based software for online gaming globally since 2003. They are the first online gambling platform provider authorized in the European community.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

Vertical Industries
  • IT Services
  • Hosters & ISPs



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