Reimagining with Social

A new culture and set of social capabilities is emerging in both the consumer and enterprise space. Customers are collaborating with each other, sharing information and influencing decision-making. And employees want to be able to find and talk to each other, and to build new value together across traditional hierarchies and silos. When social information becomes embedded in your tools and processes, you become a fully connected and engaged enterprise.

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Drive deeper, more impactful engagement on the outside.

Bring together social capabilities across networking, collaboration, email, unified communications and business applications to create new ways of engaging customers.

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Provide a comprehensive, integrated suite of social tools on the inside.

Engage customers and partners within consumer and business social networks – helping people bridge their business and personal lives and creating new ways of working and collaborating together.

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Secure and manage social in a single connected platform.

Social must be a part of a connected platform that IT can rely on to manage and secure. Business leaders get value from a connected platform as well, because it means users will have a single identity and presence across individual tools. And leaders can connect social analytics with other business data for powerful insights.

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Microsoft Cloud

Every business is unique. That’s why the Microsoft Cloud can be tailored to meet the needs of any enterprise. It’s the cloud that turns massive streams of data into insight, helps drive unparalleled productivity, transforms a mobile workforce into a connected team, and scales rapidly to meet your needs. This is one flexible cloud.