School Leaders

Discover technology that empowers students to develop modern skills including communication, collaboration, problem solving, and global awareness.

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Innovative Schools

Create Innovative Schools
Resources from Microsoft to help schools evaluate and improve the way technology is used to support teaching and learning.
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Prepare Students for the Future
Resources to help schools integrate technology and prepare students for college and the workforce.
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Connect with Other School Leaders
Blogs, webinars, and ways to connect with others schools and join the global conversation.
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Education Solutions

Devices, Mobility, & Apps for Learning
Empower education with powerful devices, tools and apps for learning, and training for teachers.
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Learning Systems
Making learning from anywhere at any time a reality.
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School & Campus Administration
Help run your campus smoothly by using familiar applications to manage various systems.
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Analytics & Research Management
Harness the power of your data and research.
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Success Stories

Cincinnati County Day School
Cincinnati County Day School enhances learning with Windows 8.
Seton Hall University
Students are using Windows 8 tablet, PCs, and phones to collaborate, create and consume information.

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