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School leaders

Discover technology that empowers students to develop modern skills, including communication, collaboration, problem solving and global awareness.

Transform education

Technology planning resources

We have worked with hundreds of thousands of schools and school systems to solve big problems. Find resources to guide you as you transform schools with a vision to empower students to achieve more.

Ten critical components of school transformation

There are ten components of transformation that you need to consider. They fall into two categories - Leadership and policy, and 21st century pedagogy.

Showcase Schools

Engage with Microsoft Showcase Schools around the world to learn best practices for transforming your school through technology.

IT solutions

Connected campus and school experiences

Microsoft Azure IoT Services can help you bring the Internet of Your Things to life, and turn your campus into a fully connected one.


Microsoft Azure offers access to on-demand research scenarios with unlimited compute to help accelerate discovery.

Student lifecycle and success management

Microsoft platforms can help your institutions attract the best students, create optimum student results, and elevate your institutional performance.

Teaching and

Microsoft teaching and learning technologies create immersive and inclusive experiences for both teachers and students for better outcomes.

Hybrid cloud IT management

Microsoft’s hybrid cloud solutions accelerate the transition of the world’s IT to modern cloud management.