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Education competencies for teachers and school leaders

These education competencies represent many of the attributes, behaviors, areas of knowledge, skills, and abilities required for successful job performance in education. Schools and districts around the country are using these tools in a variety of ways.

OverviewCompetenciesSuccess profilesHow to use
Overview: Who uses competencies and why
The Education Competencies are designed to help educators and administrators develop professional skills and proficiencies. They can also be used to help school districts and other educational organizations find the right job candidates to fill key jobs. The interview information on the How to use tab helps people hiring but is also a good tool for professionals to use to identify areas of improvement.
The competencies
Each Education Competency includes a definition, four levels of proficiency, sample interview questions, activities and resources to develop skills, and examples of overdoing the competency.
Success profiles
Certain roles have greater dependencies on specific competencies. The success profiles show the competencies valuable in different job roles.
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This competency is one in a set of complete functional and behavioral qualities that, when fully realized, can help lead to professional success.