Microsoft Accessibility Update Newsletter, July Home | Site Map | SearchText versionAccessibility UpdateJuly 2009The Microsoft Accessibility Update provides information about accessibility including accessibility options in Microsoft products. This newsletter is sent via e-mail to subscribers in the first week of the month and is also published on the Microsoft Accessibility Web site.Windows 7 Preview: Choose a High Contrast ThemeWith Windows 7, you start with a clean desktop and get to decide how it looks. Windows 7 includes templates, or themes, so you can customize your desktop colors and format.New theme packages include rich backgrounds, 16 glass colors, sound schemes, and screensavers. You can also choose a High Contrast color scheme to make the screen easier to see—such as white text on a black background. You can download new themes and create your own to share with friends and family. There are plenty of choices to make it yours.Find out more about Windows 7Accessibility and the RibbonMicrosoft program manager Larry Waldman explains how the Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon is organized and why that organization improves accessibility in Office programs including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access 2007.Read this Accessibility Advocate articleQuick Tip: Change the color and size of mouse pointersYou can choose a mouse pointer scheme to increase visibility of the mouse pointer on your screen. To choose a new pointer scheme in Windows Vista, just press the Windows logo key+U to open the Ease of Access Center. Under Explore all settings, select: Make the mouse easier to use. Under Mouse pointers, select a cursor/pointer combination that works best for you.Find Windows Vista accessibility tutorialsFind Windows XP accessibility tutorialsFor DevelopersText-to-Speech: Accessibility Feature for Silverlight 3.0 ApplicationsSilverlight 3.0 enables you to build sophisticated, accessible applications that enable as many people as possible—including people with disabilities—to use your product. This article shows you how to use text-to-speech functionality to help make your Silverlight 3.0 applications accessible.The MSDN Accessibility Developer Resource Center pulls together content and resources regarding the development of accessibility products and technologies. Bookmark the location and stay connected to code samples, community sites, technical articles and documentation, upcoming events, and much more.Accessibility LinksMicrosoft Accessibility Web siteMicrosoft Accessibility Developer CenterNewsletter ArchivesFeedback/ContactSubscribe/UnsubscribeWindows 7 is On The Way—October 22 Announced as Release DateWindows 7, the next version of Windows, makes your PC simpler and easier to use every day.