Our actions

Recent events continue to shine a harsh light on longstanding inequities and systemic racism in our society. Collectively, we still have much work to do to protect fundamental rights around the world. That's why we work across sectors to create solutions with lasting impact.

Address racial injustice and inequity

In May 2020, acts of hate and violence against the Black and African American community in the US reached a social tipping point, fueling a global reaction to racial injustice and inequity. In June 2020, we redoubled our commitment to address these issues, beginning with a focus on Black and African American communities in the US, and knowing we need to expand our learnings to other traditionally marginalized groups in the US and around the world.

Safeguard democracy

The institutions that support democracy are increasingly under attack. Microsoft is looking at how our technology and resources can help protect democratic processes and institutions, and preserve the high-quality, fact-based, independent journalism they depend on.

Support human rights and humanitarian action

The last year has demonstrated that human rights around the world are still being threatened. We continue to stand up for human rights in our own ecosystem and for people across the globe, including those in need of emergency response and humanitarian support.

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