Our actions

At Microsoft, protecting fundamental rights means promoting responsible business practices, expanding accessibility and connectivity, advancing fair and inclusive societies, and empowering communities.

Promote responsible business practices

We aspire to leadership in business and human rights and to serve as a catalyst for action by others in the tech sector and beyond.

Expand accessibility and connectivity

Increasingly, internet access and accessible technology must be considered fundamental rights. Without them, people lack access to education, healthcare, jobs, and essential services.

Advance fair and inclusive societies

Microsoft endeavors to protect and advance democracy by promoting a healthy information ecosystem, safeguarding electoral processes, and advocating for corporate civic responsibility. We also advocate for fair and humane immigration policies and provide pro bono support for individuals and organizations needing legal services.

Empower communities

Microsoft is committed to strengthening communities and empowering the organizations that help them thrive. Whether impacted by a recent emergency or decades of challenges, we leverage data, technology, and strategic investments to restore and support them for future generations.

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Progress toward a better future

As we work to help everyone achieve more, we're committed to improving our world and reporting our progress.

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