Advancing responsible sourcing and integrity in our supply chains

Microsoft establishes standards holding our global supply chain accountable to responsible business practices, protecting the planet, and upholding human rights for everyone.

Protecting human rights in our supply chains

Consistent with our company mission, we drive requirements and standards in the Microsoft Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC). Our commitments are outlined in Microsoft’s Human Rights Statement and Supply Chain Human Rights Statement.

Establishing responsible business standards

We establish compliance standards with global laws, share best practices, and collaborate with internal and external partners. Oversight responsibility for environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility is assigned to the Environmental, Social, and Public Policy Committee of the Board, which works with management to review our supply chain integrity policies, programs, and performance.

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Driving our accountability strategy

We embed accountability across our global supply chains from innovation in product design to the end of product lifecycle, using technology to extend and scale our work. Supply chain transparency and traceability are key pillars of this strategy.

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How we work

Microsoft aligns internal teams and collaborates with external partners to protect fundamental rights by requiring accountability and oversight within our supply chains.


Maintaining relationships with hundreds of suppliers around the globe to improve activities, processes, products, and services associated with manufacturing, packaging, and supply chain.

Capacity, Supply Chain, and Provisioning

Maintaining relationships with suppliers manufacturing hardware components and equipment that go into the data center servers supporting Microsoft’s global cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Operations and Innovation

Maintaining relationships with suppliers supporting our datacenter land acquisitions, construction, and operations.


Maintaining relationships with suppliers providing goods and services to Microsoft business units and corporate operations, including those suppliers that operate Microsoft’s owned buildings and transportation fleet.


Maintaining relationships with suppliers supporting LinkedIn goods and services.

View LinkedIn’s Provider Code of Conduct


Maintaining relationships with suppliers supporting GitHub goods and services.

Read GitHub’s Statement against Modern Slavery and Child Labor

Supply chain integrity policies and reports

The Supply Chain Integrity (SCI) team publishes disclosures on an ongoing basis. View our latest resources below and on the Reports Hub for historical reports.

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Supply chain integrity reports

Looking for how we are doing against our supply chain integrity commitments? See reports below. Starting FY23, we are publishing the Supply Chain Integrity Statement, which combines the Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement, Norwegian Transparency Act Statement & Devices Responsible Sourcing Report.

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