Our mission

We partner with equipment makers, internet and energy access providers, and local entrepreneurs to make affordable broadband access a reality for communities around the world.

Our partners around the world

A world map with blue dots in the Americas, Africa, and Eurasia, but concentrated mostly around the coastal United States, east Africa, and India.
Ekovolt - Nigeria
Electric Vine - Indonesia
Brightwave - South Africa
WildFire5g - Georgia
ARED - Rwanda
Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH), VistaBotswana - Botswana
AirJaldi - India
Axiom - Maine
Allband, Gigabit Library & Merit - Michigan
MBC - Virginia
VABB - Virginia
Mawingu - Kenya
M-KOPA - Kenya
PicoSoft - Nepal
Sigora - Haiti
Solaris Offgrid - Tanzania
Standard Microgrid - Zambia
SunCulture - Kenya
Tambero - Argentina
UhuruOne - Tanzania
VisionNet, WrightGrid - DRC
Zaya Labs - India
Agsol - Kenya
BuffaloGrid - India
Cold Hubs - Nigeria
ME Solshare - Bangladesh
Mesh Power - Rwanda
Tribal Digital Village - California
VeriOwn Solar Home System - India
Veriown is a global company working in India and Africa to provide clean energy & connectivity.
Agile Networks - Ohio
CV Wireless - New York
Dancing Crow Farm - Washington
VDeclaration Networks Group - Maryland
Declaration Networks Group - Virginia
Essex Farm - New York
Native Network - Montana
Native Network - Washington
Network Business Systems Inc - Illinois
Network Business Systems Inc - Iowa
Network Business Systems Inc - South Dakota
Packerland Broadband - Michigan
RTO Wireless - Maine
RTO Wireless - New York
Skylark Wireless - West Virginia
Packerland Broadband - Wisconsin
New Sun Road - Uganda
Avennza - Sugar Cane Plantation - Colombia
Makaia - ALO Partners - Colombia
Bluetown - Ghana
Bluetown is a multinational ISP whose mission is to be the global leader in rural broadband access.
Claro/NetHope - Puerto Rico
X Power - Rwanda
Whitespace UK - United Kingdom
Whitespace UK is an ISP serving the United Kingdom and select African territories.
Angaza - California
Angaza is headquartered in San Francisco, but works globally with projects in 40+ countries
Cal.net - California
Numbers4Health - Colorado
Pioneer Communications- Kansas
Agile Networks - West Virginia
Declaration Networks Group - Washington
New Sun Road - California
New Sun Road is headquartered in Berkeley, but is focused on international markets with projects in Africa and Latin America.
RTO Wireless - Vermont

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